Sam Altman’s Worldcoin surpasses the 2 million milestone in user registrations


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  • Worldcoin has achieved a significant milestone with 2 million registrations for its World ID program, showcasing rapid international expansion.
  • The introduction of Orbs, Worldcoin’s biometric imaging devices, has fueled a surge in demand for the World ID passport, attracting over 40,000 new users per week.
  • Worldcoin aims to provide universal access to verified digital identities, addressing the barriers faced by billions of individuals worldwide in accessing financial services.

Worldcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency and identity verification initiative, has reached a significant milestone with 2 million registrations for its World ID program. This achievement highlights the company’s rapid international expansion, bolstered by the introduction of Orbs, its groundbreaking biometric imaging devices.

The launch of these gadgets coincided with a surge in demand for Worldcoin’s digital identification passport, the World ID, attracting over 40,000 new users per week.

To meet the escalating demand, Worldcoin anticipates an increase in Orb supply in the coming months. The World ID and Worldcoin’s innovative technology have also found applications in authentication systems such as Okta’s Auth0 and Talent Protocol, further solidifying their position in the market. Notably, these mergers were finalized on July 7, underscoring the industry’s recognition of Worldcoin’s potential.

By surpassing the 2 million registration mark, Worldcoin moves closer to its ultimate goal of providing universal access to verified digital identities. A staggering 4.4 billion individuals worldwide need an ID or possess one that cannot be confirmed online, creating significant barriers to accessing financial services. Worldcoin aims to eliminate this obstacle with its transformative World ID solution.

This recent sign-up surge represents a significant leap forward for the project, considering that Worldcoin achieved 1 million registrations in January. Moreover, the company made significant strides in May, releasing its wallet software and successfully concluding a $115 million fundraising round.

Despite its industry connections and achievements, Worldcoin’s success has not come without its critics. Bitcoin podcast presenter Peter McCormack and former Ethereum engineer Hudson Jameson have raised concerns about the project’s ambitious goals and potential privacy implications. These criticisms prompt a broader discussion about the future of digital identity verification.

Worldcoin remains committed to addressing these concerns while forging ahead with its mission to empower individuals worldwide with secure digital identities. The company’s progress, partnerships, and growing user base highlight the promising potential of its innovative approach to cryptocurrency and identity verification.

As an early supporter of Worldcoin, Sam Altman, the current CEO of OpenAI, plays a significant role in the cryptocurrency’s history. OpenAI’s widely used ChatGPT app, powered by Altman’s visionary leadership, exemplifies the company’s commitment to advancing transformative technologies.

Worldcoin’s achievement of 2 million registrations signifies a major milestone in its quest to provide universal access to verified digital identities. The company’s innovative biometric imaging devices and partnerships with authentication platforms further validate its market position.

While critics raise valid concerns, Worldcoin remains dedicated to overcoming these challenges and empowering individuals globally with secure digital identities. With its ambitious goals, industry support, and user-friendly solutions, Worldcoin continues to make significant strides in cryptocurrency.

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