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Russia hack demonstrates the need for blockchain technology

TL:DR Breakdown

  • The US suspects their recent hack was by Russia.
  • Russia is criminalized due to its track record.
  • Blockchain technology is a secure way to store information.

Russia hack demonstrates the need for blockchain technology

The US once again has needed to deal with a Russia hack. Recently, data of multiple federal agencies were breached.

It is suspected that Russian hackers were behind the hacking scandal. The documents belonged to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Treasury, and Commerce, but the investigation is still ongoing.

The group involved belonged to a Russian entity and were most likely Russians themselves. Statements from the SolarWinds technology company who were also attacked by the criminals believe the scandal was sophisticated and extremely targeted.

Russia is a suspect because of its track record of breaking into America. The Russia hack has caused such a fuss that the National Security Council (NSC) will come together twice a day to investigate the impact the hack made.

Later the NSC will work out if any other organization was affected by the mass hacking. Today officials came together and established that Russians were behind the hacking.

The DHS is meant to protect the US from foreign cyberattacks, but they were infiltrated, which means their systems are not secure enough. It is time that the US embraced blockchain for the sake of its national security.

Blockchain overview

Many different types of blockchains can store information. Blockchain came into existence via Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, who launched Bitcoin. Blockchain is the system that houses the virtual coins, but it is a very versatile one.

Blockchain is an online ledger that allows people to share data in a decentralized and transparent way. All data is put away into nodes which are blocks that can contain a lot of specific information.

Different types of data can be stored in individual blocks. Verifications can be made via the blocks alone.

There does not need to be an intermediary force for the blocks to work, making them almost impossible to penetrate. The nodes on the blockchain then form timestamps.

The blocks can be verified in one go and once complete, cannot be altered.

There are many blockchains that would be an effective way to securely store information.

Ethereum 2.0 blockchain smart contracts security

The Ethereum 2.0 blockchain is ahead of the game when it comes to doing various activities because of its smart contracts. Its smart contracts can take in different codes which can store information that can only be unlocked if a particular code is put in.

The Ethereum blockchain would be an effective way to secure information, especially now because of its new upgrade. Ethereum 2.0 will have 16 validators keeping its blockchain secure.

Nothing calls for change more than if national security is at risk. It is time the US Government embraces blockchain as it could prevent Russia or anyone from getting access to US top-secret information.

Anyone can guess that Russia is not penetrating top-secret US information because it wants to be friends with the US. Russia is a threat to the US.

Blockchain technology would be an effective way to ensure that the stored information is only accessible to the right people.

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