Robot conductor EveR 6 takes center stage in South Korean orchestra performance

Robot guest conducts the Korean National Symphony OrchestraRobot guest conducts the Korean National Symphony Orchestra


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  • The robot conductor EveR 6 co-conducted a performance at the National Theatre of Korea, showcasing significant progress in robotics and music.
  • Using motion capture technology, EveR 6 learned the art of conducting by mimicking the baton movements of a human conductor.
  • The robot demonstrated precise movements and synchronization, captivating the audience with humanoid features.

In a groundbreaking event that captivated audiences at the National Theatre of Korea, a robot named EveR 6 took centre stage alongside conductor Soo-Yeoul Choi to co-conduct the mesmerizing performance of “Absence.”

The android co-conductor, created by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), marked a significant milestone in robotics and music. Demonstrating its humanoid features, EveR 6 showcased a face, torso, two arms, a neck, and a head, mesmerizing the crowd with precise movements and synchronization.

To train EveR 6, KITECH employed cutting-edge “motion capture” technology. By attaching sensors to record the baton movements of a conductor, the robot digitally learned the art of conducting while also mimicking the baton’s velocity.

The result was a fluid and captivating performance that exceeded expectations. Conductor Soo-Yeoul Choi, who shared the stage with EveR 6, acknowledged the complex challenges of real-time interaction and communication for robots, particularly in a musical context.

Choi noted a “critical weakness” in EveR 6, expressing that it could not listen to its users. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the robot’s attention to detail, which surpassed his initial expectations.

The concert showcased a seamless alternating pattern between Choi and EveR 6, with the robot taking the lead in three out of five pieces and collaborating with Choi for the fifth and final composition.

Reflecting on the groundbreaking recital, Choi remarked, “It was a recital that demonstrated the potential for robots and humans to coexist and complement each other rather than being mutually exclusive.” The harmonious collaboration between humans and machines left the audience in awe and pondering the possibilities ahead.

Observer Song In-ho offered insights into the performance, suggesting that an artificial intelligence (AI) system could enhance EveR 6’s musical comprehension and evaluation abilities. This would allow the robot to grasp better and interpret the music being played, elevating its performance to even greater heights. While the robot’s movements were somewhat simplistic, the event’s historical significance overshadowed any minor limitations.

The South Korean concert witnessed an unprecedented fusion of technology and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. It served as a reminder that advancements in robotics can blend seamlessly with creative endeavors, opening doors to new possibilities and redefining the boundaries of human-machine collaboration.

With each innovative stride, humanity takes another step toward a future where technology and art harmoniously intertwine, inspiring awe and wonder for future generations.

Hence, South Korea’s orchestral performance led by the robot conductor EveR 6 stands as a testament to the transformative potential of human-robot partnerships and the limitless possibilities they hold for the future of music.

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