Ripple taps ex-Obama White House official to head U.S. public policy



  • Lauren Belive, who previously worked for President Barack Obama at the White House, joins Ripple as the chief of U.S. public policy and government. 
  • At the Obama White House, she worked in the Office of Legislative Affairs and also worked on Obama’s campaign.
  • The addition of Belive to Ripple came amid the firm’s lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over the XRP token. 

In an effort to strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape of the crypto industry, Ripple has recruited Lauren Belive, a former Obama administration White House official. Belive, who has extensive expertise in government affairs, will serve as the head of public policy and government for the United States at Ripple.

Who is Lauren Belive?

Lauren Belive is no stranger to Washington’s corridors of power. She began her tenure at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee under the direction of California Representative Henry Waxman. During her extensive tenure in the Obama White House, she worked in the Office of Legislative Affairs. According to her LinkedIn profile, Belive’s political involvement extends to President Obama’s campaign.

Prior to her most recent position, Belive held prestigious positions at multinational corporations. During her tenure at Zoom, she served as director of government affairs for SoftBank Group International and managed U.S. government relations.

Belive announced on LinkedIn on September 26 that she had accepted the policy position at Ripple in order to oversee engagement in Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States.

My role will be to lead our engagement in Washington and nationally, ensuring that we are not only part of the conversation but driving it forward with clarity and purpose. With regulatory landscapes evolving, it’s paramount that we advocate for policies that not only support the crypto industry but also the countless individuals and businesses that could benefit from these advancements.

Lauren Belive

The clamor for regulatory reform in Washington, D.C. reverberates strongly within the crypto community. Consistently, industry titans, including Ripple, have advocated for more transparent regulations. For instance, Ripple has faced a lawsuit from regulators. 

Ripple’s strategic appointment of Lauren Belive signifies a concerted effort to navigate the complex pathways of U.S. public policy, with a view towards shaping a more inclusive future for the cryptocurrency industry.

Ripple did not come to play with regulations

After the regulatory fiasco, Ripple has been hooked on with the SEC, the entity is done tired with the regulation ambiguity. The current addition to the company spells much seriousness as Ripple fights for its economic place in the US financial markets.

Crypto enterprises have increased their advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C., arguing that a regulatory overhaul is required to keep activity in the United States and prevent it from moving elsewhere. Some have criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission’s approach to crypto regulation, nicknamed “regulation by enforcement.”  

Over the last few years, Ripple has been embroiled in a case launched by the regulator. A New York district court judge concluded in July that some of Ripple’s XRP sales, known as programmatic, did not violate securities laws since they were conducted through a blind bid procedure. 

Though the lawsuit is still ongoing, a court determined in July that the token was not a security, sending shockwaves through the crypto community. The judge also decided that additional direct sales of the token to institutional investors constituted securities, giving the SEC a partial victory.

Other companies have also increased their efforts in Washington. Coinbase is organizing a “Stand with Crypto Day” in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and developers will meet with lawmakers and government officials. 

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