Dogecoin Reviving a Classic: DOOM Finds a New Home on Dogecoin

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  • The classic 90s game DOOM has been inscribed onto the Dogecoin blockchain using Dogecoin’s Ordinals technology, marking a significant advancement in the blockchain’s utility by allowing the storage of substantial data including games, images, and videos.
  • The innovation, termed ‘Doginals,’ has led to a surge in transactional activity and interest in Dogecoin, demonstrating the blockchain’s potential as a secure repository for a wide array of digital content and assets, thereby expanding its ecosystem beyond its meme-centric origins.


In an unexpected fusion of nostalgia and innovation, the iconic 90s game DOOM has been revived and inscribed onto the Dogecoin blockchain. The integration, a testament to the evolving capabilities of blockchain technology, was made possible through the innovative use of the Dogecoin blockchain’s Ordinals technology. 

The technology has introduced a novel utility to the meme-centric network, allowing developers to embed substantial data directly onto the blockchain.

Doginals: Breathing new life into Dogecoin

The integration of DOOM, a first-person shooter that captivated gamers in the early ’90s, marks a significant milestone in the journey of Dogecoin. The game, inscribed on the blockchain on its 30th anniversary by the developer known as @minidogeart, celebrates the legacy of DOOM while showcasing the potential of Dogecoin’s network. The version of DOOM now residing on Dogecoin is a shareware format, featuring nine playable levels, chosen to avoid any legal complications.

It’s foray into digital inscriptions, termed ‘Doginals’ akin to Bitcoin’s Ordinals, represents a paradigm shift in the blockchain’s functionality. These Doginals are not mere tokens but are intricate digital entries capable of storing a variety of data formats, including images, videos, audio, and text files, directly on the blockchain. The advancement has not only enriched the Dogecoin ecosystem but has also extended its utility far beyond its origins as a dog-themed meme token.

Transactional surge and market impact

The introduction of Doginals has catalyzed a significant surge in transactional activity on the network. The ability to embed art collections, games, and other digital assets onto the blockchain has captured the imagination of developers and users alike, leading to a substantial uptick in network transactions. In May, the excitement surrounding Dogecoin inscriptions propelled transaction volumes to unprecedented levels, culminating in a noteworthy 10% appreciation in the cryptocurrency’s value.

Although transactional activity experienced a cooling period in the subsequent month, recent data indicates a resurgence, with transactions rising from 90,000 to 420,000. The revitalization of network activity underscores the growing interest in Dogecoin’s expanded capabilities and its potential to foster a vibrant ecosystem encompassing not just the DOGE token but an array of digital assets and experiences.

A future shaped by Doginals

Developers like @minidogeart are optimistic about the transformative impact of Doginals and Ordinals technology on the broader Dogecoin ecosystem. These digital inscriptions are not merely transactions; they represent a profound evolution in how blockchain technology is utilized. Each Doginal, by embedding digital assets directly into a transaction, imbues it with intrinsic value and permanence, elevating the blockchain exchange to more than just a financial interaction.

The successful inscription of DOOM on the Dogecoin blockchain is a powerful demonstration of the network’s capacity to securely store and manage a wide array of digital content. This capability is not limited to games but extends to various forms of digital assets, promising a future where the blockchain serves as a robust and secure repository for digital ownership and experiences.


The inscription of DOOM onto the Dogecoin blockchain is more than a nostalgic nod to a classic game; it’s a bold statement about the future of digital assets and blockchain technology. As the Dogecoin network continues to evolve, it paves the way for an exciting era where the lines between gaming, digital ownership, and blockchain utility are beautifully blurred.

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