Regulators Set Global Expectations for Data Scraping Protections on Social Media Platforms

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  • Data protection regulators worldwide demand social media and websites guard against illegal data scraping, urging companies to act by Sept. 24, 2023.
  • Personal info on public platforms needs safeguarding under privacy laws; regulators emphasize firms’ duty to block unlawful data scraping and report breaches.
  • Joint statement highlights risks of data scraping for cyberattacks fraud; urges individuals to review info shared online and use privacy controls.

In a synchronized move, international data protection and privacy regulators from various continents have announced their unified stance on safeguarding against unlawful data scraping on social media platforms and websites. The regulators are seeking compliance from companies and urging them to address the pressing concerns related to data privacy.

Unified stand against data scraping

Twelve prominent data protection and privacy regulators spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the APAC region jointly stated on August 24, 2023, outlining their “global expectations of social media platforms and other sites to safeguard against unlawful data scraping.” This collective step signifies the escalating concerns surrounding data scraping. It reiterates the guidance provided by regulatory bodies like the Office of the Australian Information Commission and the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

Urgent call for compliance

The regulators have taken a proactive approach in response to the growing utilization of data scraping technologies. The joint statement underlines the obligation of social media companies and website operators to shield personal information against unlawful data scraping as mandated by data protection and privacy laws. Notably, the statement extends beyond theoretical guidance – it demands practical action. Regulators are urging companies to provide feedback on their existing or intended compliance strategies with the outlined expectations by September 24, 2023.

Protecting publicly accessible personal information

The joint statement unequivocally restates that publicly accessible personal information is subject to data protection and privacy laws in most jurisdictions. This stance underscores the regulators’ commitment to upholding privacy rights in an increasingly digital world. The statement places the onus on social media companies and website operators, emphasizing their legal responsibilities to safeguard personal data from unlawful data scraping.

Rising tide of data breaches

The rise of mass data scraping operations that harvest personal information is of paramount concern. The statement underscores the severity of such operations, indicating that they can potentially amount to reportable data breaches in various jurisdictions. Numerous data protection authorities have reported a surge in mass data scraping cases, reflecting the issue’s scale.

Privacy risks and individual empowerment

The joint statement elucidates the wide array of privacy risks associated with data scraping, ranging from targeted cyberattacks to unauthorized political or intelligence gathering. This emphasis on potential misuse is in line with the regulators’ neutral stance, highlighting the dual nature of technology. While acknowledging the potential for malicious applications, the statement recognizes the vital role of data scraping in advancing technology, research, and cybersecurity.

The joint statement demands action from companies and sets clear guidelines for compliance. Website operators, it asserts, have a proactive duty to thwart unlawful data scraping by implementing measures such as traffic rate limiting and bot identification. The statement contends that website operators can effectively restrict the thin line between lawful and unlawful data scraping.

While advocating for corporate responsibility, the regulators also underscore individual empowerment. Individuals are encouraged to take a proactive role in minimizing privacy risks. The statement offers practical advice, advising users to scrutinize the information provided by social media companies and websites about data sharing practices. Furthermore, users are advised to make judicious decisions about the types and amounts of information they share and to utilize available settings and controls to manage their online privacy.

Balancing concerns and benefits

The joint statement is a testament to the growing unease among regulators globally regarding data scraping and its implications. It serves as a reminder that data scrapers and the websites likely to be targeted must remain vigilant about data governance and privacy compliance. In this nuanced landscape, the statement acknowledges the multifaceted nature of data scraping – a tool that can be wielded for both malevolent and benevolent purposes.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, the joint statement offers an initial step toward establishing a common ground. While tailored to social media platforms, the underlying principles hold relevance for other industries grappling with data scraping concerns. As the deadline for compliance feedback looms, companies must seize this opportunity to align their practices with the expectations of the global regulatory community.

In a resounding show of unity, international data protection and privacy regulators have spotlighted the pressing issue of data scraping. Their joint statement reinforces the obligations of social media companies and website operators to protect against unlawful data scraping while acknowledging the broader utility of data scraping. The call for compliance resounds across industries, setting the stage for a more privacy-conscious digital landscape.

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