Regulators Probe Microsoft-Mistral Partnership Amid Concerns Over AI Monopoly


  • European regulators are investigating Microsoft and Mistral’s partnership, fearing it could create an AI monopoly.
  • Critics say the deal contradicts the EU’s AI Act, which fosters European innovation and protects consumers.
  • Google Cloud VP accuses Microsoft of monopolistic behavior in the cloud market, adding to the controversy.

The recent partnership between tech giant Microsoft and French AI firm Mistral has sparked regulatory scrutiny amidst concerns over potential monopolistic practices in the AI market. The collaboration, announced this week, has drawn attention from European regulators, particularly in light of ongoing investigations into Microsoft’s previous partnership with OpenAI.

European Commission investigation

Regulators from the European Commission are delving into the Microsoft-Mistral partnership, aiming to assess its impact on competition within the AI sector. Of particular concern is the possibility that the alliance could create a monopoly, stifling innovation and limiting consumer choice.

The Microsoft-Mistral deal has faced criticism from European politicians and industry observers alike. Some politicians have argued that the partnership contradicts the recently enacted AI Act, which aims to foster European innovation and protect consumers from unsafe AI systems. Critics contend that the collaboration could undermine the Act’s objectives by consolidating power in the hands of a few dominant players.

Kai Zenner, digital policy adviser for MEP Axel Voss, expressed frustration, highlighting the perceived hypocrisy of the French government’s support for European leadership in AI while concurrently fostering partnerships with non-European entities. The French government, initially critical of the AI Act, now finds itself under scrutiny for potentially enabling the very practices the legislation sought to prevent.

Potential regulatory ramifications

If investigations reveal that discussions between Mistral and Microsoft occurred during the drafting of the AI Act, Mistral could face additional scrutiny and potential repercussions. The timing of the partnership announcement about the legislative process has raised suspicions and prompted calls for a thorough investigation.

In a surprising turn, Google Cloud VP Amit Zavery criticized Microsoft, accusing the company of monopolistic behavior in the cloud market. Zavery raised concerns about Microsoft’s growing dominance and its implications for competition and consumer choice. 

With Microsoft’s Azure platform already established as the UK’s leading cloud provider and competing closely with AWS globally, allegations of monopolistic practices add another layer of complexity to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Microsoft-Mistral partnership.

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