Bitcoin Ordinals on the rise amid the upcoming halving event


  • Bitcoin Ordinals trading is on the rise with daily transactions hitting $19 million.
  • Navigating ordinals rise and the Bitcoin halving event.

The resurgence of Bitcoin Ordinals, NFT-like inscriptions on individual satoshis within the Bitcoin blockchain, has captivated the cryptocurrency community amidst Bitcoin’s remarkable surge in value. Recent data from CryptoSlam reveals a notable uptick in sales across major Ordinals marketplaces, with transactions exceeding $19.7 million on a single day.

Bitcoin Ordinals resumes resurgence

This surge represents a significant increase from earlier in the month when daily trading volumes ranged between $5 to $6 million. However, it still falls short of the peak observed in December, which reached an impressive $85 million. Leading the charge in facilitating Ordinals transactions is Magic Eden, a prominent cross-chain marketplace that has reasserted its position as the preferred platform for acquiring these unique digital assets.

Magic Eden’s recent introduction of a points program, rewarding loyal traders with exclusive incentives such as “diamonds,” has further bolstered its appeal and solidified its relationship with its user base. Scott Norris, an independent Bitcoin miner at Optiminer, views Ordinals as a potential source of revenue for miners, as they have the potential to boost transaction fees within the network.

Despite the impending halving event, which is expected to reduce miners’ reward payments by half, Norris remains optimistic about the role of Bitcoin Ordinals in sustaining profitability for miners, particularly those with robust infrastructure capable of mitigating increased operational costs. Among the most coveted Ordinals collections on Magic Eden are NodeMonkes, Bitcoin Puppets, and RSIC Metaprotocol.

Navigating ordinals rise and the Bitcoin halving event

The renewed interest in Ordinals coincides with Bitcoin’s impressive rally, with the cryptocurrency recently surpassing the $57,000 mark per coin. This surge in price follows heightened anticipation surrounding spot BTC exchange-traded fund approvals and the imminent halving event, which is anticipated to further drive scarcity and demand for Bitcoin.

As the halving event looms, miners are preparing for the challenge of processing transactions amidst heightened Ordinals activity. Despite the increased workload, Bitcoin Ordinals offer a unique use case within the Bitcoin network, enabling the inscription of non-financial data such as art, profile pictures, or text onto individual satoshis.

While this innovation has garnered excitement among enthusiasts, it has also faced criticism from some members of the Bitcoin community who argue that it contributes to network congestion and inflated transaction costs. Nevertheless, the surge in Bitcoin Ordinals sales underscores the growing interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their potential to revolutionize digital ownership and monetization models.

Moreover, the emergence of cross-chain marketplaces like Magic Eden highlights the increasing interoperability between different blockchain networks, facilitating seamless trading experiences for users across platforms. Looking ahead, the convergence of Ordinals and Bitcoin’s ecosystem is poised to continue evolving, driven by technological innovation and market demand. As the crypto industry matures, Ordinals may play a pivotal role in expanding the utility and versatility of blockchain technology, paving the way for new forms of creative expression and digital asset ownership.

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