Rain World: The Watcher DLC Announced for Metroidvania Fans


  • Rain World: The Watcher DLC expands upon the beloved Metroidvania with new areas and the enigmatic Nightcat.
  • The announcement of The Watcher DLC adds to the excitement surrounding the Metroidvania genre.
  • Fans eagerly anticipate Rain World: The Watcher DLC as a captivating alternative while awaiting Hollow Knight: Silksong.

The Metroidvania genre, being the favorite genre in the world of indie gaming, brings immerse worlds rounded with challenging platforming, and intense storytelling. Among the substantial works in this genre, the game called Rain World is one of them, and it provides its user with a combination of amazing designs and survival mechanisms. Now, fans of this modern classic have reason to rejoice as developers Videocult have unveiled plans for a second major expansion: The Rain World DLC; to wit: The Watcher.

A storied journey continues

Rain World’s competitors made it hard for the game to keep up, on the other hand, the seemingly unique silent theme and 3D art style contributed to the fact that the game became very popular worldwide. This game had its unique art style and addictive gameplay, which created a large group of returning players. The game had its Downpour DLC released late last year. This expansion doubled the number of planets that players can visit and explore. Previously, the add-on called The Watcher had players yearning to get to Rain World’s Father figure – the Watcher.

Introducing the Watcher

The announcement of Rain World: The Add-On Gallery’s most mysterious of add-ons exhibits the slugcat’s shivery glimpse in the shadows. It is following this that the team has announced to spill the beans behind the “fourth slugcat” of which it is thought that it will be the Nightcat, more known for its nocturnal habits and mysterious appearances through the game. The teaser teases players with some interesting snapshots of alien locations and monsters, giving rise to debate as the audience is left thinking about what comes next.

Release date speculation

While Rain World: Watcher’s DLC is not yet released, but the official release date is intensively discussed among the fans who are only keen on waiting for it. Comments on the teaser trailer suggest the possibility of enjoying the expansion before the highly anticipated release of Hollow Knight: The fabrics of Bind were not just achieved with stitching, but also with spilt ink, making it appear as if the world itself was crying for help. If there is still time left for the release of Silksong, the upcoming Rain World game is a perfect break for those who really like Metroidvania vintage games.

A bumper crop of Metroidvania Games lies in wait.

The announcement of Rain World: The Watcher DLC, paraphrased, is now is in the company of other games of this genre that are under development. Hollow Knight: Its emphasis on the exploration and platforming aspects is what makes this type of game unique, which, in turn, leads to a fresh perspective on the genre, providing players with a vast range of experiences. The point of interest are The Watcher DLC; moreover, it adds to the excitement of the gaming genre, wherein long hours will be spent for exploration and discovery among both old and new fans.

As anticipation mounts for the Rain World: A Watcher expansion, it was announced by an eager player. Wishlist Steam can be added to players, making sure they will be notified of all updates and announcements. Videocult’s unlimited possibilities as a studio is very clear through their development of a vehicular mayhem game called Airframe Ultra which is going to be a journey of massive action and entertain adrenaline junkies.

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