QuadrigaCX mystery might be solved for $100k reward from Kraken crypto exchange

kraken offers reward for solving quardigaCX mystery

The cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has offered a hefty reward for anyone who can solve the QuardigaCX mystery. The QuardigaCX mystery is still unsolved despite having thousands of users blocked behind the issue. There have been efforts in the past to somehow retrieve the Bitcoins blocked due to the untimely death of the QuardigaCX Chief Executive Officer.

The exchange Kraken has now offered a sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to anyone, and this includes developers and regular people alike who would help the exchange solve this mystery and retrieve the coins.

Kraken is offering the reward to any number of individuals who would help solve the mystery, and this is imperative that the mystery is solved based on the tips or the solutions provided by the individual/s.

QuardigaCX has about one hundred and thirty-seven million dollars ($137m) stuck in cryptocurrency, and the exchange owes a rough total of around one hundred and ninety-six million dollars ($196m) to their users in cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

The reward, however, comes with a disclaimer, as the official statement reads:

Important terms: Kraken is offering this reward for information leading to significant progress or discovery of all or some of the missing client funds. It is up to our sole discretion which tips warrant a reward, if any. The total of all rewards will not exceed $100,000 USD. Kraken may end this reward program at any point in time. All leads collected by Kraken will be provided to the FBI, RCMP or other law enforcement authorities, who have an active interest in this case.

Taha Farooqui

Taha Farooqui

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