Ripple claims ‘no incentives’ for Coinbase listing after the controversy

The head of marketing at Ripple Foundation, Miguel Vias, has clarified Ripple’s stance on the matter officially, after a controversial question about Ripple influencing Coinbase’s decision to list XRP on the platform surfaced. The claim came through social media on February 27 as part of the debate also involving entrepreneur Alistair Milne.

Rumors were going around suggested of Ripple offering an incentive – possibly monetary – to Coinbase, hence influencing its decision of listing of XRP on its trading platform, Coinbase Pro. Milne had asked a Coinbase official the legitimacy of the rumor.

In return, Elliot Suthers, Coinbase’s director of communications, refused to debate the issue in public, agreeing to a private conversation in the process.

It was when Milne uploaded the screenshot of Suther’s email on twitter that Vias weighed in, claiming that there is no truth in the accusations. Vias stated that the company was “happy to go on record” and that Ripple had nothing to do with XRP’s listing.

In the process, Vias rebuffed Milne’s description of XRP. It is worth noting that this subject has attracted contradictory statements from independent researchers and company’s executives in the past.

Another debate involving XRP’s status as a security token under US law is underway. Any outcome is bound to affect Coinbase too. Regardless, Coinbase announced yesterday (28th Feb) that it had added XRP to Coinbase Pro and its other platforms. Users can now purchase and trade XRP on each of Coinbase’s digital platforms.

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