Pokemon Company Establishes Pokemon Works Subsidiary in Japan


  • The Pokemon Company forms Pokemon Works, a new subsidiary in Japan, to enhance game development capacity.
  • Pokemon Works aims to support Game Freak and address concerns over game quality and release frequency.
  • Pokemon Legends: Z-A, set in the Kalos region, reintroduces Mega Evolution, promising exciting adventures for fans.

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its development capacity and addressing concerns over game quality, The Pokemon Company has established a new subsidiary named Pokemon Works. Located in the bustling district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Pokemon Works operates out of the same building as ILCA, a company renowned for its contributions to developing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in collaboration with Game Freak.

The purpose of Pokemon Works

While the precise function of Pokemon Works remains undisclosed, industry analysts speculate on its potential roles within The Pokemon Company’s ecosystem. One prevailing theory suggests that Pokemon Works could serve as a vital support mechanism, alleviating the developmental burden on Game Freak, the primary developer of core Pokemon games. This move could potentially mitigate concerns raised by fans and critics regarding the frequency and quality of recent releases from The Pokemon Company.

Recently, The Pokemon Company has faced criticism over its aggressive game release strategy, with some attributing the decline in game quality to this approach. The technical issues encountered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fueled speculation that Game Freak could not deliver ambitious projects within its conventional development timeline. Pokemon Works could solve such challenges by bolstering development resources and expertise, thereby fostering the creation of more polished and technically robust titles.

While Game Freak retains primary responsibility for developing core Pokemon games, it collaborates closely with other entities under The Pokemon Company umbrella. Creatures Inc., a co-owner of The Pokemon Company, notably contributes by designing intricate 3D models of Pokemon characters. 

This collaborative model enables The Pokemon Company to leverage the specialized skills and resources of its subsidiaries and partners, ensuring the continued innovation and evolution of the beloved franchise.

Upcoming release: Pokemon Legends: Z-A

Amidst the establishment of Pokemon Works and ongoing discussions surrounding development practices, The Pokemon Company prepares for the highly anticipated release of Pokemon Legends: Z-A. This latest installment in the Pokemon Legends series is poised to transport players to the Kalos region, the vibrant setting of Pokemon X and Y. Notably, Pokemon Legends: Z-A marks the return of the beloved Mega Evolution feature, which has been absent from recent titles since Pokemon: Let’s Go.

The establishment of Pokemon Works heralds a new chapter in The Pokemon Company’s quest for innovation and excellence in game development. As the industry evolves and consumer expectations grow, initiatives such as Pokemon Works underscore the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences while maintaining the integrity and legacy of the Pokemon franchise. With Pokemon Legends: Z-A on the horizon, fans eagerly await the next evolution of the beloved series, poised to embark on new adventures in the captivating world of Pokemon.

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