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Matt Damon

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• The Hollywood star gave an inconsistent speech about humanity and cryptos.
• Matt Damon could have received a good sum of money for advertising for

Matt Damon lent his image to advertise cryptos trading platforms and received backlash for his action. Recently, the actor who gave life to the Jason Bourne character motivated his fans to register with, an exchange that has dominated Singapore and the United States in 2021.

While Damon’s publicity was not bad in itself, several handles on Twitter had proceeded to give negative opinions about this singular action. Damon became a trend on the social network, not because of his astute performances on the big screen, but because of people’s discontent with advertising.

Actors and crypto advertisements

Matt Damon

Not surprisingly to anyone that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, becoming the perfect alternative for a dying financial market. After this new reality, companies have turned to Hollywood actors to promote the brand or token.

Matt Damon was one of many actors cited for crypto advertising. Damon apparently had cut a deal with the crypto exchange platform and agreed to advertise for

Faced with such publicity, Matt Damon was involved in several tweets criticizing his lack of ethics. Twitter users also called the advertising shameful, considering that is not the exchange Damon emphasizes.

Matt Damon’s ad attracts Twitter criticism

Matt Damon has over the past few hours become a figure of gruntles and disappointment on Twitter after doing an advertisement for that was considered “embarrassing.” The ad was shown at an NFL game where the actor can be seen in an artificially recreated hall where the achievements in the world are displayed.

Damon breaks the silence of publicity by saying in a few words that many things have happened in history but that humans have always tried to benefit financially. As Damon ends the speech on the screen, you can see the logo of exchange, leaving as an indirect message that the crypto platform is the human future.

Some users on Twitter assured that Matt Damon had only lent his image to a fraudulent crypto platform, which steals money from investors. Other followers believe that the publicity is pointless considering that humanity, Mount Everest, and the passage to the moon are not linked to crypto trading. So far, the actor has not commented on the criticism, much less on his publicity, which for many is misleading.

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