BAYC’s NFTs top trend tables once more after Eminem purchase


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• The rapper paid over $450000 for BAYC’s NFT.
• Eminem bought the piece of NFTs 9,055 and named it “EminApe.”

Recently, rapper Eminem, one of the most globally acclaimed urban rappers, participated once more in the NFT market. The artist with real name Marshall Mathers bought the virtual piece BAYC with the number 9,055, whose value exceeds $450000.

Eminem is not only known for making songs that show the reality of the streets, but he has also been a vital piece for the growth of non-fungible auctions alongside Snoop Dogg and other rappers. In previous months the artist has bought several NFT pieces to give credibility to the virtual market.

Eminem purchases BAYC collection


Eminem invested a little less than $500000 in a BAYC NFTs piece, an acronym for the virtual Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. According to reports, the virtual piece is 9,055 and an ape with features similar to the artist’s face. After the purchase, Eminem named the piece “EminApe,” which now occupies his Twitter profile picture position.

The artist bought the piece on the OpenSea platform after seeing that Shady Holdings, his former owner, put it up for sale. Eminem reportedly paid the exact $452,000 for the image.

Eminem not only makes his debut with the NTFS or cryptocurrencies after the purchase of the BAYC piece, but in previous months he has shown his interest in the market. Even the artist mentioned Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest value in the cryptographic trade, in his single “Not Alike,” released for 2018.

Future of non-fungible commerce

With Eminem as an active holder of the most important NFTs for the market, not surprisingly, the future of commerce looks promising. The BAYC collection is one of the most emblematic for the market. It has 10 thousand unique pieces, of which only a minimum amount remains free.

By 2022, the NFTs market may open new auctions from participants entering the trade. Eminem could also launch his own NFT collections, breaking the buyer line and becoming a non-fungible token creator. Snoop Dogg could join the non-fungible wave creations if America’s greatest rapper makes that major leap into the trade.

While speculation about the non-fungible token market progresses, we only have to wait for OpenSea to make the new adoptions or auctions public. Cryptocurrencies are also expected to increase the demand for buying and selling.

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