Paraluni’s Swift Response: User Compensation and Bitcoin Asset Mapping Launch


  • Paraluni fully compensated users for their losses from a March 2022 hacker attack, demonstrating a strong commitment to security and community trust.
  • It also launched an innovative Bitcoin ecosystem asset mapping project, marking a significant advancement in integrating Bitcoin’s robust features with the BNB Chain-based metaverse.


In an exemplary move towards restoring trust and security within its community, Paraluni, a prominent metaverse project running on the BNB Chain, has recently announced significant strides in response to a security incident that shook its foundation in early 2022. Following the detection of a vulnerability that led to a hacker attack on March 13, 2022, resulting in substantial financial losses.

Paraluni has not only fully compensated its users but also embarked on an ambitious new venture into the Bitcoin ecosystem with the launch of RGB asset mapping. This comprehensive approach underscores the project’s commitment to resilience and innovation in the face of adversity.

Paraluni’s swift and comprehensive user compensation

The digital realm was rattled when, on March 13, 2022, a critical vulnerability within the Paraluni metaverse infrastructure was exploited by malicious actors. This exploit led to a series of unauthorized transactions, culminating in a staggering loss of approximately $1.7 million in assets. The security breach was promptly identified by blockchain security firm PeckShield, which raised immediate alarms within the crypto community and particularly among Paraluni’s users and stakeholders.

In a decisive and commendable response, Paraluni has announced that it has fully compensated the affected users for their losses, a move that not only highlights the project’s dedication to its community but also sets a precedent for how digital asset platforms can manage the aftermath of cyber-attacks. This step towards restitution has been met with positive feedback from the community, bolstering confidence in the project’s management and its commitment to user security.

Innovating Through Adversity: Introduction of Bitcoin Ecosystem RGB Asset Mapping

In the wake of the security breach and the subsequent comprehensive compensation to its users, Paraluni is not resting on its laurels. The project has unveiled its next pioneering initiative – the launch of the first Bitcoin ecosystem RGB asset mapping. This ambitious venture aims to map the RGB asset token BTBT by the end of the month, marking a significant milestone in the integration of Bitcoin’s robust and expansive ecosystem with the innovative potential of the BNB Chain-based metaverse.

The RGB protocol represents a breakthrough in enabling the issuance, transfer, and storage of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain without altering its fundamental layers. By leveraging this protocol, Paraluni aims to enhance the versatility and utility of its metaverse, paving the way for new forms of digital asset interaction and ownership within its expansive virtual worlds.

A Step Towards a More Secure and Innovative Future

The journey from identifying a critical vulnerability to fully compensating affected users, and then launching a groundbreaking initiative in the Bitcoin ecosystem, encapsulates Paraluni’s resilience and forward-thinking approach. This series of actions reflects a broader trend within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors towards higher security standards and innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Paraluni’s efforts to secure its platform against future attacks, alongside its venture into the RGB asset mapping, signal a robust strategy for growth and sustainability in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape. As the project continues to expand its horizons, the integration of Bitcoin’s ecosystem through RGB asset mapping is anticipated to unlock new possibilities for users and developers alike, fostering a more interconnected and versatile virtual environment.


Paraluni’s swift and comprehensive response to the 2022 hacker attack, combined with its ambitious leap into the Bitcoin ecosystem through RGB asset mapping, showcases the project’s dedication to security, community, and innovation. As the digital world continues to evolve, Paraluni’s actions serve as a beacon for how projects can navigate challenges and emerge stronger, paving the way for a more secure and dynamic future in the metaverse and beyond.

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