Overwatch 2 vs Valorant: A Comprehensive Comparison


  • Overwatch 2 and Valorant have around 20 million players each, but their gameplay differs.
  • Valorant leads in esports and betting, while Overwatch 2 is improving with the Overwatch Champions Series.
  • Both games offer regular updates and are now free to play, catering to diverse gaming tastes.

The battle between Overwatch 2 and Valorant has been ongoing for over four years, with both games having unique strengths and appeal. One of the key factors in determining which game is better is the player count. 

Overwatch, being the older game, has been around for several years. In contrast, Overwatch 2 was released in late 2022, making it the newer version of Blizzard’s title. On the other hand, Valorant made its debut in 2020, gradually becoming one of the world’s most popular options.

While player count varies across different platforms and sources, both games are estimated to boast around 20 million active players, making them highly competitive in this aspect. The player base for both games remains strong, attracting similar types of gamers.

Gameplay and heroes/characters

Regarding gameplay, Valorant shares more similarities with CS2 (Counter-Strike 2) than Overwatch 2. Valorant incorporates round-based gameplay, where players must purchase guns for each specific round, and they can also pick up weapons from the ground. 

Conversely, Overwatch 2 offers a different experience, where players select a hero, each equipped with a unique weapon. There is no need to purchase weapons, as the hero spawns with their designated armament, but there is also limited flexibility to switch to different weapons.

Another significant difference lies in the presence of grenades. Valorant offers various utility options, with various Agents possessing unique abilities. In contrast, Overwatch 2 has yet to introduce grenades, relying solely on hero abilities, which are unavailable for all characters.

When comparing the diversity of characters and abilities, both games offer a wide range of choices. In Overwatch 2, players select from three roles: DPS, Tank, and Support, with each hero having unique abilities and an ultimate ability. 

In Valorant, the roles include Controllers, Dualists, Sentinels, and Initiators, each Agent bringing their unique abilities and ultimate moves to the table.

eSports scene

In the realm of eSports, Valorant takes a decisive lead. Until the end of 2023, Overwatch 2’s eSports scene faced challenges due to a lack of tournaments. The Overwatch League, while initially popular, has seen a decline in recent times. 

However, 2024 presents a promising outlook with the introduction of the Overwatch Champions Series. Despite this, Valorant currently dominates the eSports comparison.

Valorant boasts a thriving eSports scene, with numerous major tournaments regularly captivating audiences. Events like the Ludwig x Tarik Valorant Invitational 2 offer substantial prize pools, attracting the best players worldwide. 

In contrast, Overwatch 2’s eSports future holds promise, but Valorant holds the upper hand for now.

An essential aspect of eSports is betting, and in this arena, Valorant emerges as the clear favorite. Major gambling sites overwhelmingly support Valorant, offering betting opportunities for fans. In contrast, Overwatch lacks the same level of popularity among betting platforms.

New content updates

Both Overwatch 2 and Valorant consistently deliver new content to keep players engaged. Overwatch 2 operates on a seasonal model, lasting approximately three months each season. During a new season, players can expect various changes, including hero adjustments, buffs, nerfs, new items, and the introduction of a new battle pass with quests.

Valorant, on the other hand, does not adhere to a seasonal structure. Instead, it releases patches and acts, introducing new content such as maps, agent changes (sometimes even new agents), and more.

Free-to-play model

Overwatch 2 required players to purchase the game in the past, while Valorant has always been free to play. However, both games have transitioned to a free-to-play model, allowing users to access the core gameplay without cost. Players can purchase cosmetic items in both games to customize their experience.

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