Taiwanese Tech Company Joins Forces with Mywam to Boost Qubby AI in Southeast Asia

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  • Taiwanese tech firm Osense partners with Mywam to introduce the Qubby AI dialogue platform in Southeast Asia, targeting 3,000 clinics by 2024.
  • Osense’s innovative AI solutions aim to cut clinic costs and offer flexible payment options while expanding multilingual support.
  • CEO Joseph Wang sees this partnership as a milestone for Taiwan’s AI tech in the global medical industry, with tailored AI models enhancing the patient experience.

Taiwanese technology company Osense has embarked on an exciting journey of expansion into the Southeast Asian market through a strategic partnership with Mywam, Malaysia’s leading provider of software solutions for clinics and medical centers. This collaboration aims to introduce Osense’s cutting-edge Qubby AI dialogue business platform to Southeast Asia, offering tailored AI solutions for medical clinics and centers across the region.

Osense, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extended Reality (XR), has demonstrated its commitment to innovation with the development of a range of groundbreaking solutions. Among these is Minxi (敏熙), Taiwan’s first-ever virtual anchor, a 3D AI virtual dialogue business solution known as Qubby AI, and the pioneering Qubby AI DentalGPT, designed exclusively for dental professionals.

Seizing opportunities in the medical market

The healthcare sector is witnessing rapid growth, presenting ample opportunities to apply Osense’s innovative products. These technologies not only serve to reduce operational costs for clinics but also offer flexible payment options and subscription services, thus facilitating their adoption. This business model, focused on sustainable growth, is at the core of Osense’s strategy.

Osense’s strategic decision to expand into Southeast Asia, a region poised to become the world’s fourth-largest economy with a population of 700 million, is a significant milestone. Through collaboration with Mywam, Osense aims to have approximately 3,000 Southeast Asian clinics embrace the Qubby AI dialogue business platform by 2024.

In addition to the broader Qubby AI platform, Osense and Create Trillion Biotechnology have jointly developed Qubby AI DentalGPT, a specialized AI customer service solution tailored to the unique needs of dental clinics. This innovative tool has been seamlessly integrated into various platforms, including LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, websites, and kiosks.

Multilingual capabilities for global reach

One of the standout features of Qubby AI and DentalGPT is their multilingual support, covering a wide array of languages. These AI solutions provide real-time responses to inquiries using a virtual doctor persona, AI voice, and text, enhancing accessibility for users around the world. Furthermore, the promise of additional language support further underscores their commitment to global outreach.

Joseph Wang (王友光), the founder and CEO of Osense, recognizes the partnership with Mywam as a significant milestone for Taiwan’s artificial intelligence software technology, particularly in the international medical industry. This collaboration showcases Taiwan’s prowess in AI and its potential to make a lasting impact on the global stage.

Dr. Felix Chang (張騰文), Chief Product Officer for Osense, emphasizes the importance of customized AI models and databases that meet the specific requirements of clinics. These tailored solutions are seamlessly integrated into various communication platforms, providing clinics with a comprehensive user guide. These tools’ virtual doctor persona, AI voice, and text capabilities ensure accurate and real-time responses to inquiries, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Advancing healthcare through AI innovation in Southeast Asia

Osense’s strategic partnership with Mywam heralds a new era of AI-driven innovation in the healthcare sector across Southeast Asia. Their Qubby AI dialogue business platform and the specialized Qubby AI DentalGPT are poised to transform how medical clinics and centers interact with patients, providing cost-effective solutions and flexible payment options. 

With multilingual support and an eye on global expansion, Osense is well-positioned to contribute significantly to advancing healthcare technology while solidifying Taiwan’s reputation as a leader in AI innovation.

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