Oracle Integrates Generative AI Boosting Business Operations


  • Oracle is adding AI to its software, aiming to make tasks like report generation and data summarization faster and more efficient. 
  • This move puts Oracle in direct competition with tech giants like Microsoft. 
  • Oracle’s AI features are designed for specific tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while avoiding common AI mistakes.

In a bold move, Oracle announced on Thursday its plan to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its software suite. This leap forward is transforming how companies manage their finances, supply chains, and personnel. It’s positioning Oracle to compete with other giants like Microsoft.

Transforming corporate software

Oracle, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is no stranger to the corporate world. Its software is a backbone for countless businesses, aiding in everything from budgeting to logistics and employee management. The new AI capabilities aim to streamline these tasks by automating complex reports, condensing data, and crafting job listings, among others.

This strategic addition is not just about adding bells and whistles. It’s a calculated effort to catch up and perhaps outpace rivals in the cloud computing world, where Oracle has trailed behind names like Microsoft. By injecting AI into its services, the technology company is betting big, having invested heavily in Nvidia chips and teamed up with Cohere, an AI startup with roots in Google.

Tailored AI from Oracle

Oracle’s approach to AI is not the one-size-fits-all kind. The company has pinpointed around 50 specific tasks where AI can make a significant impact. This method allows for the creation of detailed product descriptions from inventory data or the summarization of lengthy negotiation exchanges, to name a few applications.

This tailored strategy means that AI-generated outputs are meticulously reviewed by human eyes before being finalized. The computer technology company aims to sidestep the common hiccups associated with AI, such as generating misleading information, while still boosting productivity. According to Steve Miranda, the company’s executive VP of applications development, this careful, use-case-driven deployment is designed to leapfrog the pitfalls of AI tech, ensuring improvements are both significant and secure.

Oracle’s initiative is more than just a bid to stay relevant. It’s an attempt to redefine how businesses operate, making tasks faster and more accurate. By focusing on specific use cases and ensuring a human touch in the final output, the computer technology company is setting a new standard in the responsible use of AI in business.

In the grand scheme, this announcement is a clear indicator that the future of business software lies in AI. With this move, Oracle not only challenges competitors but also invites companies to reimagine their operations through the lens of AI-enhanced efficiency and precision.

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