OneCoin co-founder sentenced to 20 years in prison

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  • OneCoin co-founder, Karl Greenwood, sentenced to 20 years for running a massive crypto pyramid scheme.
  • Scheme originated in Bulgaria in 2014, deceiving investors of over $4 billion between 2014 and 2016.
  • Greenwood earned more than $300 million, representing 5% of all OneCoin sales.

In a dramatic conclusion to one of the world’s most infamous crypto scams, OneCoin’s co-founder, Karl Greenwood, has been dealt a 20-year prison sentence.

As the mastermind behind this multi-billion-dollar pyramid scandal, Greenwood pulled the wool over the eyes of millions of unsuspecting investors globally.

The Rise and Fall of a Dubious Empire

Hailing from Bulgaria in 2014, OneCoin’s promise was simple: heralded as the next big thing in the cryptocurrency sphere, akin to the popular Bitcoin.

However, as with all things too good to be true, a dark truth loomed. The scheme wasn’t just an ordinary scam; it was methodically structured through a multi-level marketing model.

This deceptive layout played a pivotal role in encouraging OneCoin members to bring more unsuspecting investors into the fold. For every recruit, there was a commission.

And at the apex of this pyramid was Greenwood, pocketing a staggering 5% of all OneCoin sales. When the dust settled, the DOJ unveiled that the top distributor’s earnings exceeded an eye-watering $300 million.

Greenwood, alongside his elusive partner Ruja Ignatova, touted OneCoin as the game-changing investment. They painted rosy pictures of boundless opportunities and returns.

But behind the elaborate façade lay a grim reality: OneCoin was a mirage. A fictitious crypto construct with zero tangible value. From inception, Greenwood and Ignatova had baked fraud into its core.

It’s distressing to realize that between 2014 and 2016 alone, over 3.5 million individuals entrusted their money to OneCoin, amassing over $4 billion in investments. The irony is unmistakable.

For a currency that claimed its value was determined by “market forces”, the pricing was anything but market-driven. In truth, the OneCoin price was nothing more than a number plucked from thin air.

The Hunt for the “Cryptoqueen”

While Greenwood’s chapter might have reached its end, the OneCoin saga is far from over. Ruja Ignatova, or as many have ominously dubbed her, the “Cryptoqueen”, remains elusive.

This master of disguise not only finds herself atop the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list but is also a testament to the vast web of deceit spun around OneCoin.

The U.S. Department of Justice has shed light on her escape act: just days after a federal warrant was flagged in her name in 2017, Ignatova vanished. From Bulgaria, she made her way to Athens, Greece, leaving no traces behind.

Her current whereabouts remain a mystery. Speculations are rife, suggesting potential plastic surgeries, or altering her appearance to steer clear of the law’s prying eyes.

Rumor has it, she moves under the watchful eyes of armed guards, emphasizing the seriousness of her evasion. It’s clear: the hunt is on. The FBI, not one to be easily deterred, has placed a whopping $250,000 reward for information that corners the “Cryptoqueen”.

In a fitting statement, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, without mincing words, pointed out the scale of the fraud. Emphasizing the hope that this sentencing will echo in financial corridors, dissuading future charlatans from attempting similar acts.

OneCoin, in its audacity, wasn’t just a scam; it was a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the uncharted terrains of cryptocurrency investments.

As the crypto world continues to grow, it’s paramount for investors to tread with caution. Let the OneCoin saga be a resounding alarm bell, warning potential investors about the risks that lie beneath glossy promises.

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