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One Stop Tool Makes Data Analysis and Management Way Easy

easy data analysis with cointracking

Financial analysis by using different tools and technology was always a headache for the crypto industry. In spite of the fact that it is technology-based, it still lacks analytical tools for calculating taxes and handling large and complex portfolios. Moreover, it is difficult to get track of upcoming event because there is no any tool. To overcome this issue CoinTracking has released some tools for analysis related to cryptocurrencies.

By traders can easily manage their large and complex portfolios. They can measure their profit and loss, growth, and perform other financial analysis through this software. CoinTracking has successfully released some new features after the hard work of almost five years. not only supports Bitcoin but more than 6000 cryptocurrencies can be analyzed by using this software. Ethereum and Ripple are two main currencies that use for
financial analysis.

In addition, users can generate more revenues if they examine the unstable crypto market more effectively. The more accurate the trading decisions, the more will be the revenue. Furthermore, advanced charting and quant tests give accurate results for portfolio analysis. It will save time and reduce risks related to tax by analyzing annual tax returns in a short time. Tax calculations have become very easy after the release of

CoinTracking is trying to expand its services for fundamental analysis, tax calculations, and technical application. It will address these stated issues after the expansion of the platform as many companies are asking for the help related to the financial analysis. CoinTracking is working hard to provide services that are more refined in this regard.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

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