Start Now to Win Cryptocurrencies from SteemIt

Social Networks that provide rewards for just a click become favorites for users. Steemit is a network that rewards its users with STEEM, a dollar-backed cryptocurrency, for sharing their facts and information. You can achieve tokens by commenting on the posts generated by the Steemit. It also rewards their user with curation reward for voting of the post. You can earn STEEM on Steemit platform through other ways.

You can make money by writing your blog with informative articles. The more your articles are informative, the more users you will attract and then you will generate STEEM as a result. However, it can generate more rewards but it, tales may hours to write articles that outshine others` articles to attract users.

You can also write articles for other blogs if you are not active on social media. By this, you will still get STEEM without creating any blog and without any tension of building followings. Many users are getting a good amount of this cryptocurrency by writing eye-catching articles for others.

Another method which will reward you is to just comment on blogs and voting the comments made by other users. The earnings will be much less, than article writing and blogs building but if you are consistent, you can still earn STEEM. However, if your comments are irrelevant, then you will not get votes.

Another important method to get rewards is to but STEEM power on Steemit platform. This will help you to put your post on the highest rank so that it will get attracted by users and will eventually get more votes. Furthermore, you can give this STEEM power to others on rent in fiat currency.

Curie has the same STEEM power. Its one vote can make your post worthy with the $80 payment. Curie also pays individuals for finding attractive posts for Curie to approve it. This is how you can earn STEEM on Steemit platform.