Ondo Foundation Proposes ONDO Token Unlock: A New Chapter in Democratizing Finance

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  • The Ondo Foundation proposes to unlock the ONDO token, aiming to democratize access to institutional-grade finance and aligning with its mission to enhance transparency and efficiency in global finance.
  • This proposal includes a strategic distribution plan for the ONDO token, with immediate unlock for Community Access Sale participants and staggered releases for other categories, fostering long-term growth and innovation within the Ondo ecosystem.

The Ondo Foundation, a key player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, has announced a significant development in its journey: a proposal for the release of the ONDO token lock-up. The initiative marks a pivotal moment for the foundation, aligning its community toward a future of open, transparent, and efficient global finance. 

The document aims to provide a comprehensive overview of ONDO’s origin, its strategic role, and the planned token distribution that will shape the collective path forward for the Ondo community.

ONDO Genesis and real-world impact

Ondo Finance is a US-based technology company that has made significant strides in making institutional-grade financial products and services accessible to all. Managing over $200 million in tokenized assets, Ondo Finance has been at the forefront of developing decentralized financial protocols, including Flux Finance – the world’s first lending protocol supporting tokenized securities as collateral. With $24 million in equity financing from notable investors like Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Pantera, and Coinbase, and collaborations with institutions like Blackrock and Morgan Stanley, Ondo Finance is led by former Goldman Sachs Digital Assets team leaders.

In 2022, Ondo Finance played a crucial role in establishing the Ondo Foundation, an independently-governed, nonprofit entity based in the Cayman Islands. The foundation, initially known as the Neptune Foundation, shares a mission similar to Ondo Finance: democratizing access to institutional-grade finance. The Ondo Foundation’s first major act was acquiring ONDO token issuance rights from Ondo Finance, followed by selling ONDO tokens to over 18,000 individuals through CoinList. The foundation also assisted in launching the Ondo DAO, which now governs Flux Finance.

Governance, DAO, and Ondo Foundation’s role

ONDO token holders are entrusted with the crucial task of shaping the future of the Ondo DAO, ensuring it continues to democratize access to institutional-grade finance. The Ondo DAO grants ONDO holders specific rights within Flux Finance, such as listing new fToken markets, pausing markets, updating interest rate models, and managing a treasury of assets. Detailed mechanics of these rights are available at the Flux Finance documentation site.

The Ondo Foundation supports the Ondo DAO by focusing on several key areas, including supporting innovation, educating and promoting awareness, managing treasury, deploying contracts, and engaging in strategic partnerships. The foundation also manages intellectual property and organizes community events to strengthen ties within the ecosystem. Notably, the Ondo Foundation owns a significant stake in Ondo USDY LLC, the issuer of USDY, aligning its growth with the foundation’s mission.

ONDO distribution and unlock schedule

The ONDO token remains subject to a global lock-up, with its release requiring majority approval from ONDO holders. The Ondo Foundation’s proposal aims for long-term alignment among core contributors, strategic investors, and ecosystem participants. The initial circulating supply is set at approximately 14.3% of the max supply of 10 billion ONDO tokens, with more than 85% initially locked and scheduled to unlock over 12 to 60 months post-launch.

Key allocations include the Community Access Sale, Ecosystem Growth, Protocol Development, and Private Sales. The Community Access Sale participants will see an immediate unlock, while private sale investors and core contributors will have a staggered release over five years. The proposal also outlines specific unlock schedules for each category, ensuring a balanced and strategic distribution aligned with the Ondo ecosystem’s growth.


The Ondo Foundation’s proposal to unlock ONDO tokens represents a significant step in the evolution of the Ondo ecosystem and the broader DeFi community. By carefully planning the token distribution and aligning it with the foundation’s mission, the Ondo Foundation is setting the stage for sustainable growth and continued innovation in democratizing access to institutional-grade finance. The proposal, pending community discussion and on-chain vote, is poised to open a new chapter in the journey of Ondo, its community, and the DeFi space at large.

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