Oklahoma leads US with groundbreaking Bitcoin rights bill


  • Oklahoma has passed a bill to protect Bitcoin users’ rights, marking it the 12th US state to do so.
  • The bill received overwhelming approval with an 81-1 vote in the Oklahoma State House.
  • It offers extensive protections for Bitcoin users, including the rights to buy, sell, mine, self-custody, and run a full node.

In a significant development, Oklahoma has passed a landmark bill. This bill aims at protecting the rights of Bitcoin users. It marks the state as the 12th in the United States to undertake such a legislative initiative. The move is a considerable victory for the cryptocurrency community. This comes amidst increased scrutiny from federal entities like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Digital currency freedom expands with Oklahoma bill

The Bitcoin rights bill saw overwhelming approval in the Oklahoma State House. It passed with an 81-1 vote. Representative Brian Hill championed the bill. It received backing from the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association. The bill’s provisions are extensive. They include the right to buy, sell, and mine Bitcoin. They also protect the right to self-custody of digital assets and run a full node.

These measures establish a strong foundation for other states to follow. Dennis Porter, founder of the Satoshi Action Fund, lauded the bill. He described it as a critical step toward digital freedom and innovation. Porter envisions Oklahoma becoming a sanctuary for digital currency innovation. He highlighted the importance of community support as the bill moves through the legislative process.

A model for digital freedom and innovation

Porter’s vision for Oklahoma includes becoming a beacon of digital freedom and innovation. The bill’s introduction is seen as more than regulatory support for Bitcoin. It represents a stand against overreach. It aims to ensure financial empowerment for Oklahomans. As the bill advances to the Senate, the urgency for community support escalates. Stakeholders are mobilizing to secure its passage.

Earlier, Louisiana proposed similar legislation. It became the 11th state to do so. Sponsored by State Rep. Mark Wright, the Louisiana bill supports the freedom to engage with Bitcoin fully. It covers buying, selling, trading, mining, and self-custody of digital assets.

In February 2024, Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi led the way. They introduced bills to protect citizens’ rights to use Bitcoin. These states are reinforcing the freedoms associated with digital currency. The trend underscores a growing recognition of Bitcoin’s role. It highlights the need to protect users’ rights in the digital age.

Nationwide movement for cryptocurrency rights

Oklahoma’s bill is part of a broader movement across the United States. This movement aims to safeguard cryptocurrency users’ rights. The legislative efforts in various states demonstrate a growing awareness. They show an acceptance of digital currencies like Bitcoin. These initiatives provide a framework for other states to consider similar protections.

The momentum behind these legislative efforts underscores a critical point. There is a significant demand for legal frameworks that support digital currencies. As the digital landscape evolves, these laws are pivotal. They ensure users can engage with cryptocurrencies securely and freely.

The passage of the Bitcoin rights bill in Oklahoma sets a precedent. It opens the door for further legislative efforts across the country. The movement towards protecting digital currency rights is gaining traction. It reflects a shift in how digital currencies are perceived and utilized. As Oklahoma and other states take bold steps, the future of cryptocurrency in the US looks increasingly secure.

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