Microsoft Launches In-Person AI Skill-Up-A-Thons Across Rural Ireland


  • Microsoft is teaching rural Ireland AI skills in person with Skill-Up-A-Thons.
  • After the free four-hour course, participants receive a certificate and LinkedIn Premium access.
  • The goal is to make AI education accessible, empower communities, and boost Ireland’s digital progress.


Microsoft has announced plans to expand its AI upskilling programs across rural Ireland, bringing in-person Skill-Up-A-Thons to various counties and towns. These sessions aim to equip individuals with basic knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence (AI), catering to those with a limited understanding of the technology. The initiative reflects Microsoft’s commitment to democratizing access to AI education and fostering digital literacy in communities outside urban centers.

Expanding access to AI education

The decision to introduce in-person Skill-Up-A-Thons follows the success of online AI skills programs already available to rural residents. Microsoft seeks to bridge the digital divide by offering hands-on training sessions at Connected Hubs in Kerry, Cavan, Galway, Kilkenny, Mayo, and Tipperary, with plans for further expansion to other locations.

Upon completion, participants in the four-hour in-person courses will earn an industry-recognized Career Essentials Certificate in Generative AI. Moreover, they will gain access to LinkedIn Premium, which will facilitate career advancement opportunities. 

Sandra Hennigan, who attended the inaugural session at the Knockmore hub in Mayo, emphasized the practical benefits of the program, expressing confidence in applying AI tools in her professional endeavors. The supportive environment and instructor guidance have empowered individuals like Sandra to embrace AI technologies and enhance productivity and creativity.

Collaborative efforts to democratize AI education

Microsoft’s partnership with Connected Hubs, Fastrack into Information Technology (FIT), and local education and training boards underscores a collective effort to make AI education accessible to all. Danielle Barr, Director of Training and Employment Services at FIT, highlights the importance of ensuring AI training reaches every corner of Ireland, emphasizing its transformative potential.

James O’Connor, Microsoft Ireland site lead, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing individuals and businesses need to develop in-demand AI skills to align with Ireland’s National AI Strategy. Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital, and Company Regulation, Dara Calleary, TD, emphasizes the collaborative approach required across government, industry, and education to demystify AI and equip Ireland’s workforce with the skills to thrive in the digital age.

Microsoft’s continued commitment to AI education

In addition to the in-person Skill-Up-A-Thons, Microsoft is collaborating with the RDI Hub in Co Kerry to deliver online and in-person AI skills masterclasses for businesses in the Munster region. This multifaceted approach underscores Microsoft’s dedication to fostering digital literacy and equipping individuals and businesses with the tools needed to harness the power of AI effectively.

As Ireland embraces the digital transformation journey, initiatives like Microsoft’s Skill-Up-A-Thons are pivotal in ensuring inclusivity and equal access to AI education. By empowering individuals with AI skills, rural communities can seize opportunities for personal and professional growth, contributing to Ireland’s broader digital economy goals.

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