Oasys Partners with LayerZero Labs to Enhance Interoperability in Blockchain Gaming


  • Oasys and LayerZero Labs come together to enhance interoperability in blockchain gaming.
  • The partnership will have Ubisoft’s Champion TacticsTM; Grimoria Chronicles will be the first game to showcase the interoperability technology on Oasys.
  • The team-up will change the game in Web3, which is projected to result in user base growth. 

The Web3 gaming industry is growing fast this season with numerous partnerships and collaborations. Just the other day, Samsung was announced as a partner in the Web3 gaming scene, an announcement that raised many eyebrows. In the same spirit, Oasys has announced its partnership with LayerZero Labs to enhance interoperability within the blockchain gaming industry. 

The Web3 gaming-focused blockchain, Oasys, has implemented a new integration with the omni-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero, marking a great step in making the blockchain gaming ecosystem more accessible and interoperable. 

Currently, the joint team has managed to implement a successful integration of the L-2 HOME with Oasys and LayerZero. This, however, is just a stepping stone to more advanced development plans that will eventually see the integration with the L1 Hub layer as well. 

The Oasys’s x LayerZero partnership will showcase its advanced interoperability features by prioritizing Champion Tactics, Grimoria Chronicles, as the first Web3 game on the platform. The decision comes after close collaboration talks between Oasys and Ubisoft. 

How Oasys and LayerZero Partnership will impact Web3 gaming

”Our partnership with LayerZero is a game-changer for the blockchain gaming community.” Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, said. The director added, “Providing a unique web3 gaming experience is essential to increase the number of players, and improving the interoperability of in-game assets is certainly one of our objectives.”

“LayerZero adding an Endpoint to Oasys is a major leap forward regarding the interoperability of in-game assets. LayerZero is focused on connecting communities and empowering players by making the games they love more accessible and enjoyable across different networks.” added Bryan Pellegrino, the Co-Founder and CEO of LayerZero Labs, showing similar commitment to the cause. 

LayerZero’s OmniChain Non-Fungibe Token standard allows for sophisticated interoperability without employing traditional methods like token wrapping. The interoperability is made possible through LayerZero’s ability to transfer data securely and seamlessly across 60+ compatible blockchain networks. 

A Web3 game-optimized blockchain like Oasys integrating the LayerZero Lab’s interoperability protocol will certainly open up Web3 gaming to the masses. Before, Web3 gaming was strictly blockchain to blockchain-based, and not many resources could be shared between blockchains.

Based on the partnership agreements, Web3 gaming enthusiasts are keen on the projected performance of this alliance. The yet-to-be-tested Champion TacticsTM Grimoria Chronicles will be the first PVP tactical RPG experimental game with over 9,999 unique digital collectibles to be tested on the platform. 

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