Nvidia’s Market Dip – Understanding the Decline and Speculation on a Stock Split


  • Nvidia shares plummeted by 5.5% on Friday, erasing $128 billion in market value, the steepest decline since May, despite a year of remarkable growth.
  • The decline was part of a broader trend affecting high-performing chip stocks amid mixed labor market reports and concerns about an overbought market.
  • Speculation arises about a potential stock split for Nvidia, given its strong performance positioning it well above its last split level.

Nvidia shares faced a significant setback on Friday, experiencing a sharp decline of 5.5%. This unexpected plunge erased a staggering $128 billion in market value for the chipmaker, marking one of the most significant single-day losses in US market history. Despite a year of remarkable growth, this downturn has sparked speculation about the future trajectory of Nvidia shares, including the possibility of a stock split.

Nvidia’s market dip amidst broader tech pressure

The decline in Nvidia shares on Friday was not an isolated event but rather part of a broader trend affecting high-performing chip stocks. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both retraced from earlier record highs, influenced by a downturn in tech stocks. Nvidia, often considered a poster child of artificial intelligence, faced pressure amidst this broader tech downturn, with the Nasdaq 100 dropping 1.5%, breaking Nvidia’s six-day winning streak. The uncertainty in the market was further fueled by a mixed labor market report, revealing more new jobs than anticipated but accompanied by a rising unemployment rate.

Analysts and the prevailing sentiment within the Wall Street community have been robustly articulating their reservations concerning an egregiously overbought market, with particular focus honing in on the technology sector. The S&P 500, that quintessential benchmark of American equities, has experienced an astonishing surge of nearly 35% since the advent of the preceding annum, thus ushering forth a landscape characterized by positions pushed to their limits and anticipations elevated to unprecedented heights. 

Michael Hartnett, a luminary figure hailing from the esteemed institution of Bank of America Corp., has judiciously issued a clarion call, cautioning against the manifestation of “abnormal gains” amidst these extraordinary epochs, thereby casting a pall over the market and intimating the latent perils therein. This prevailing sentiment has proven instrumental in precipitating not merely the downturn of Nvidia shares, but has likewise exerted its gravitational pull upon other illustrious stalwarts of the tech domain, such as the formidable Tesla Inc. and the venerable Broadcom Inc.

Speculation on a stock split

Despite the setback, Nvidia’s performance throughout 2024 positions it well above its last stock split level. The company’s stock surge has been primarily driven by optimism about the demand for its AI computing chips, making it the third-largest company in the S&P 500, after Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. Given this strong performance, speculation has arisen about the possibility of another stock split for Nvidia.

While no official announcement has been made regarding a stock split, analysts have been weighing in on the possibility. Some analysts view a stock split as a strategic move to make Nvidia shares more accessible to a wider range of investors, potentially boosting liquidity and demand. Others believe that Nvidia’s current valuation might justify a split to maintain a reasonable stock price. However, opinions are divided, with some suggesting that the recent market volatility might prompt caution regarding such decisions.

The sudden decline in Nvidia shares on Friday has raised questions about the underlying factors driving the market sentiment and the future trajectory of the company’s stock. As speculation continues about a potential stock split for Nvidia, investors and analysts alike are closely monitoring developments in the market. Will Nvidia’s recent dip lead to a stock split, or are there other factors at play shaping the company’s future? Only time will tell.

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