NVIDIA GTC Unveils Powerful Tools Empowering Creators


  • NVIDIA GTC revealed AI tools for creators, like Adobe Substance 3D upgrades and OBS 30.1 for better YouTube streaming.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face simplifies facial animation with AI from audio input.
  • DLSS 3.5 improves graphics, while March’s NVIDIA Studio Driver boosts creative app performance.

At the recent NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC), many cutting-edge tools were unveiled, promising to revolutionize content creation by integrating generative AI and accelerated computing. These advancements aim to empower creators with enhanced capabilities across various platforms.

Adobe substance 3D stager and sampler upgrades

In collaboration with Adobe Firefly, Adobe Substance 3D Stager and Sampler received significant upgrades, amplifying their functionality for creators. The introduction of the Generative Background feature in Substance 3D Stager, powered by Adobe Firefly, enables the seamless creation of immersive backdrops for rendered images. The Match Image tool also utilizes machine learning to accurately position 3D models within the generated background, optimizing lighting and perspective for heightened realism.

Meanwhile, Substance 3D Sampler introduced the Text to Texture beta, leveraging Adobe Firefly’s power. This groundbreaking feature allows artists to generate texture imagery from textual descriptions, streamlining material creation workflows. The Text to Texture images produced are square, tileable, and feature proper perspective, ensuring compatibility with various creative endeavors.

The OBS 30.1 beta release brings forth enhancements tailored to content creators, particularly in the streaming realm. Leveraging the Real-Time Messaging Protocol, an Adobe open-source protocol designed for low-latency connections, users can now stream high-dynamic range, high-efficiency video coding content directly to YouTube. This enhancement allows content creators to deliver visually stunning and immersive experiences to their audiences.

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face revolutionizes facial animation

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face for iClone 8 introduces groundbreaking advancements in facial animation through AI-driven technology. This innovative tool can produce expressive facial animations solely from audio input, eliminating the need for manual animation processes. With support for multilingual dialogue, including lip-sync and singing animations, creators can effortlessly bring characters to life with natural and synchronized movements. 

The latest release also offers full-spectrum editing capabilities, providing users precise control over animation parameters through intuitive slider controls and a keyframe editor.

DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction is on the horizon, promising to elevate graphical fidelity in projects utilizing NVIDIA’s RTX Remix Open Beta. This update harnesses the power of AI to enhance ray-traced imagery, offering modders the opportunity to elevate their creations with unparalleled visual quality. To experience this leap in graphical fidelity firsthand, users can explore the new Portal With RTX update on Steam, which integrates DLSS Ray Reconstruction for enhanced ray-traced imagery.

March NVIDIA studio driver optimizes creative app performance

The March NVIDIA Studio Driver is now available for download and optimized to accommodate the latest updates in creative applications. This driver update ensures seamless compatibility and enhanced performance for creators utilizing NVIDIA hardware across various creative workflows.

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