North Korea hackers swipe $70 million in cryptos

North Korean hackers are still coming for cryptos The latestNorth Korean hackers are still coming for cryptos The latest

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  • North Korea is suspected of stealing $70 million in cryptos from Hong Kong-based CoinEx.
  • Blockchain research firms, Elliptic and Chainalysis, indicate North Korea’s Lazarus Group may be responsible.
  • The Lazarus Group has allegedly stolen approximately $240 million in recent crypto heists since June.

A brand new heist has left the crypto world rattled, with the fingers pointed firmly at North Korea. A whopping $70 million has vanished from the vaults of CoinEx, a crypto exchange that operates out of Hong Kong. The audacious cyber-theft is yet another sign of the shifting sands in global finance. Digital currency, once hailed as the future of money, now finds itself under siege from the rogue nation’s state-sponsored hackers.

The Trail of Suspicion and the Telltale Signs

While CoinEx has maintained a relatively neutral stance on the identity of these hackers, recent revelations by two blockchain research companies, Elliptic and Chainalysis, suggest North Korea’s involvement. The trail of breadcrumbs leading to this revelation is intriguing. Elliptic claims that part of the stolen bounty was funneled into a crypto wallet previously associated with the Lazarus Group, a notorious hacker collective that’s rumored to have North Korea’s backing.

Even more damning was the modus operandi of the heist. The thieves used a blockchain bridge for the Ethereum blockchain. Sounds technical? It is. But what’s pertinent here is that this particular method has been the signature move of the Lazarus Group in previous operations.

Rampant and Rising: The Lazarus Operation

Elliptic didn’t stop at just linking the Lazarus Group to the CoinEx fiasco. They went on to shed light on the group’s recent operations that have left the crypto community tensed. Since June, they’ve allegedly been on a digital looting spree, snatching up about $240 million in crypto assets across four distinct attacks.

Now, if one thinks this is just a simple hack-for-cash scheme, think again. Last year, a report by the United Nations highlighted how North Korea has been amping up its cyber-theft escapades, using increasingly sophisticated methods to get their hands on more digital gold than ever before. Why? The answer might lie in geopolitics and the survival of a regime. UN sanctions monitors have previously hinted that North Korea might be leveraging these cyber-heists to fund its nuclear and missile endeavors.

The Silence of the Accused

North Korea, with its typical poker face, has remained mum on these allegations. Past accusations of cyber malfeasance have been met with denial, and this situation has been no different. Their mission to the UN in New York turned a blind eye to comment requests sent their way regarding this matter.

Cryptocurrencies, the brainchild of an ever-evolving digital age, might have revolutionized the world of finance. Still, they have also opened a Pandora’s box of problems. The decentralized nature of cryptos, their relative anonymity, and the burgeoning growth of exchanges have turned them into ripe targets for hackers.

If North Korea’s involvement proves to be true, it paints a bleak picture: a rogue nation harnessing its tech prowess not just to line its coffers, but potentially fund activities that could destabilize global peace.

As we stand at the crossroads, the crypto industry must re-evaluate its security protocols. For, in this digital age, the enemy isn’t just at the gates; they’re in the mainframe, ready to exploit every vulnerability. The CoinEx heist is not just an alarm for the crypto community but a clarion call for the world to recognize and counter the threats of the digital underworld.

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