New era for Japan with OSAKA digital exchange debut



  • Japan set to open its first digital securities exchange, OSAKA Digital Exchange, next month.
  • Tokyo-based Ichigo preparing to issue property-backed securities worth about $27.1 million.
  • Kenedix also slated to issue significant property-backed securities on December 25.


Japan is on the brink of a financial revolution, marked by the upcoming launch of its first digital securities exchange, the OSAKA Digital Exchange (ODE). Slated for introduction next month, the exchange will feature security tokens backed by major real estate firms Ichigo and Kenedix. This pioneering move reflects a broader shift towards leveraging alternative assets for higher returns, diversifying Japan’s asset base amidst demographic shifts.

A Milestone in asset diversification

Ichigo, headquartered in Tokyo, is set to issue property-backed securities valued at approximately 3 billion yen (around $27.1 million). This initiative marks a significant step in Japan’s journey towards asset diversification, addressing economic concerns linked to its aging population. The issuance of these securities by both Ichigo and Kenedix on December 25 will diversify investment options and introduce a novel approach to asset management in the country.

The ODE’s inauguration later this year promises to transform Japan’s financial landscape. It aims to enhance liquidity and provide retail investors with more accessible alternative assets. As digitally managed securities, security tokens represent a modern investment avenue, aligning with Japan’s strategic focus on unconventional assets.

Tapping into unconventional assets

Japan’s move towards digital securities aligns with its broader strategy to invest in non-traditional assets, offering potentially higher returns to mitigate economic issues caused by its aging population. Japanese households hold over 2,000 trillion yen in financial assets, fueling a strong impetus to explore alternatives that promise greater financial success and a departure from low-yield traditional deposit methods.

Japan’s venture into digital securities mirrors trends across Asia. Other regional markets, such as South Korea and Hong Kong, are also adapting to this new paradigm. South Korea has amended its regulations to facilitate issuing and trading these unique assets. Similarly, Hong Kong has eased restrictions, allowing security token sales beyond professional investors.

Ichigo’s foray into digital assets signifies a potential turning point in Asia’s financial landscape. As markets increasingly recognize the value of diversification and digitalization in investment strategies, Japan’s initiative could spearhead a significant shift in regional financial dynamics.

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