Near Foundation and Eigen Labs Join Forces to Enhance Ethereum Rollup Transactions


  • Near Foundation has partnered with Eigen Labs to enhance Ethereum rollup transactions, aiming to significantly speed up processing times and reduce transaction costs, while also addressing liquidity fragmentation between Layer 2 solutions.
  • This collaboration, involving the integration of Eigen Layer and improvements to the Near-Ethereum Rainbow Bridge, is set to improve the efficiency and interoperability of the blockchain ecosystem, potentially paving the way for broader adoption of blockchain technology.

In a significant move within the blockchain industry, Near Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with Eigen Labs, a startup known for developing the Ethereum staking protocol, Eigen Layer. The collaboration is set to revolutionize Ethereum rollup transactions by making them faster and more cost-effective, while also addressing the issue of liquidity fragmentation between Layer 2 solutions.

Revolutionizing Ethereum transactions

The primary objective of the partnership is to enhance the efficiency of Ethereum rollup transactions. According to a recent statement from Near Foundation, the collaboration will enable transactions to be processed within a mere three to four seconds. It marks a substantial speed improvement, especially when compared to the current transaction times on the Ethereum network. Moreover, the use of low-latency cross-rollup communication is a key feature of the initiative, which is expected to significantly reduce the costs associated with these transactions.

Another critical aspect of the partnership is its focus on reducing liquidity fragmentation between Layer 2 solutions. The blockchain industry has long faced challenges due to the isolated nature of various Layer 2 platforms, which often leads to fragmented liquidity pools. By addressing the issue, Near Foundation and Eigen Labs aim to create a more cohesive and efficient blockchain ecosystem, facilitating smoother transactions and interactions across different platforms.

Near Foundation and Eigen Labs’ collaborative efforts and technological advancements

Eigen Layer, the brainchild of Eigen Labs, plays a pivotal role in the partnership. It allows users to retake ETH and modify the consensus layer without the need to create a new blockchain. The innovative approach not only simplifies the restocking process but also enhances the overall security and efficiency of the Ethereum network. The technology has already garnered significant attention in the blockchain community.

On the other side of the collaboration, Near Foundation brings its expertise in developing the Near protocol, a decentralized application platform designed for ease of use and scalability. The partnership will also see the Near-Ethereum Rainbow Bridge transition to an actively validated service (AVS). The transition is expected to offer a more seamless bridging experience between Near and Ethereum, ensuring faster transaction finality, stronger security guarantees, and enhanced decentralization.

The future of Blockchain interoperability

The collaboration between Near Foundation and Eigen Labs is more than just a technical partnership; it represents a significant step towards the realization of a more interconnected Web3 ecosystem. Near protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin expressed pride in partnering with Eigen Labs, emphasizing the alignment with NEAR’s core goal of making the Open Web more usable. The partnership is expected to play a crucial role in defragmenting liquidity for Ethereum rollups, thereby enhancing the interoperability of the entire Web3 space.

The implications of the partnership for the blockchain industry are vast. By making Ethereum rollup transactions quicker and more cost-effective, and by reducing liquidity fragmentation, Near Foundation and Eigen Labs are setting a new standard for blockchain efficiency and interoperability. The collaboration could potentially pave the way for more widespread adoption of blockchain technology, as it addresses some of the key challenges that have hindered its growth.


 the partnership between Near Foundation and Eigen Labs marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry. By focusing on enhancing the efficiency of Ethereum roll-up transactions and reducing liquidity fragmentation, the collaboration is poised to bring about substantial improvements in the blockchain ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, partnerships like it will be crucial in shaping the future of blockchain technology and its adoption on a global scale.

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