Near Foundation to bolster Web3 development with two new tools


  • The Near Foundation has launched two new tools for web3 developers: a collaboration with Polygon Labs for a zero-knowledge prover, zkWASM, and the Near Data Availability layer to aid Ethereum rollup developers.
  • These initiatives aim to enhance interoperability between the Near protocol, Ethereum, and other web3 ecosystems, while also providing cost-effective solutions for data availability.
  • By offering reliable, secure, and efficient development resources, the Near Foundation reinforces its commitment to advancing the web3 technology landscape.

The Near Foundation, a key entity in blockchain innovation, has unveiled two fresh offerings designed to enhance the toolset available to web3 architects. These products are set to provide substantial resources for those who are at the forefront of blockchain development. With the introduction of new tools, the Near Foundation continues its commitment to supporting the expansion and efficiency of web3 technology.

Moreover, this initiative includes a strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs. The objective of this collaboration is to foster zkWASM, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge prover tailored for WebAssembly blockchains. The partnership positions the Near Foundation as a central figure in the evolution of the Polygon Chain Development Kit. 

Consequently, developers can now access a software kit that facilitates the creation of Ethereum-compatible networks. Hence, the partnership aims to bolster trustless interoperability. It is set to bridge Near, Ethereum, and a wider web3 environment more seamlessly.

Advancing data availability solutions

Additionally, the Near Foundation announced the release of its Near Data Availability layer. This new layer promises to provide Ethereum rollup developers with a critical service. It offers a reliable and cost-effective data availability solution. As a result, developers can avoid the high expenses typically associated with posting data. Near Foundation co-founder Illia Polosukhin highlights the foundation’s continuous uptime over three years. This factor establishes the Near Foundation’s platform as a dependable and secure developer choice.

Furthermore, Near Foundation’s latest innovations demonstrate their ongoing efforts to provide versatile solutions to developers. Whether they are working within the Near ecosystem or on the Ethereum modular blockchain, the foundation is extending its support. This move is also a testament to Near Foundation’s role in the web3 sphere, as it addresses the practical needs of developers to foster an environment of trust and efficiency.

Significantly introducing zkWASM in collaboration with Polygon Labs is a strategic step, as it aims to refine the interoperability and functionality of blockchain networks. The Near Data Availability layer is also set to revolutionize how Ethereum rollup developers approach data management. It provides a solution that merges reliability with cost-efficiency.

The Near Foundation is steadfast in its journey to refine the tools available to blockchain developers. With these tools, the Near Foundation is paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient future in blockchain technology.

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