Mysterious Bitcoin whale sparks speculations with over $450M in a wallet- Who is it? 


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  • The cryptocurrency community is buzzing about the “whale” holding over $450 million in Bitcoin at a large, unlabeled Bitcoin address. 
  • The “bc1qc” Bitcoin address has 12,070 BTC, worth $459,286,126 at current values, according to Arkham Intelligence and Blockchair.
  • Amid the 2023 crypto market recovery, mysterious BTC whales have been moving heavy amounts in Bitcoin, causing suspicions of selling pressure within the industry.

Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, a mysterious Bitcoin whale has emerged with a wallet boasting an astonishing sum exceeding $450 million in Bitcoin holdings. The identity of this elusive figure remains veiled in mystery, prompting widespread curiosity and conjecture within the digital currency ecosystem.

Who is behind this substantial accumulation of Bitcoin, and what motivations propel them to amass such a considerable fortune within the volatile crypto market and in such a short period of time?

Bitcoin whale has the crypto community in a frenzy

A Bitcoin address known as “bc1qc” is at the core of this enigma, and it now has an astonishing balance of 12,070 BTC. This corresponds to around $459.2 million at current market values. 

This stockpiling has not gone unnoticed, as the address has received significant BTC influxes, frequently in big amounts, in recent weeks. However, the identity and goal behind this accumulation remain a mystery.

In the crypto world, a ‘whale’ is an entity or someone who has a large amount of digital currency. Such major market moves are typically extensively monitored since they can be indicators of broader market trends.

Some blockchain experts believe the wallet in question is part of a crypto exchange’s cold storage strategy. Cold storage refers to the practice of keeping digital assets offline in order to improve security against hacking and other digital threats. This argument is based in part on the wallet’s transaction patterns, which indicate only incoming transfers and no outgoing transfers.

Other crypto influencers and commentators on X argue that the movement is for the preparation of BTC ETFs that will be approved soon. “A mystery whale keeps up its daily buying streak, acquiring 539 [Bitcoin] this morning, following the accumulation of 1,178 [BTC]  yesterday […] Seems like institutional investors are trying to front-run the spot Bitcoin ETF approval.”

Amberdata’s Director of Research, Chris Martin, elaborated on the findings by implying a probable link with BitMEX, a well-known crypto exchange. The majority of funds hitting the “bc1qc” address come from BitMEX hot wallets. However, Martin admitted the remote possibility of a large investor withdrawing from BitMEX, leaving an opportunity for speculation.

According to data, the wallet was the 74th largest Bitcoin holder as of today. BTC’s price is rising and is approaching the psychological threshold of $40,000. On the basis of FOMO, a breakout might result in a new wave of popular enthusiasm.

A dormant whale transfers $137 Million in BTC After 4 Years

After over four years of inactivity, a Bitcoin wallet address has reappeared.

The resting whale transferred its entire store of 3,623 BTC – worth around $136.94 million – to two new wallets. According to on-chain data, the whale acquired 3,623 BTC worth about $25 million between October 25, 2018 and December 31, 2019. Bitcoin was trading at $6,889 on average during this span.

According to Lookonchain, the investment has surged to a stunning $136.94 million, representing a profit of about $112 million at the current market price.

According to BitInfoCharts data, the whale was sitting on a $244 million BTC profit during the bull run in November 2021, when Bitcoin traded at $67.5k. During the market’s turnaround in 2023, there was a rush of mysterious wallet movements by previously dormant whales.

Earlier last month, three BTC whale addresses transferred 6,500 Bitcoins worth around $230 million to new wallets. On September 19th, a dormant BTC address moved over $46 million in crypto after six years, causing traders to fear severe sell pressure.

Another whale that had been dormant for over a decade awoke in July to transfer $31 million in BTC.

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