AI-Aged Activists Forecast Climate Crisis Realities in Future Voices Initiative – Speaking from 2050


  • We Don’t Have Time, the largest climate solutions social network, launched the “Future Voices” initiative at COP28, using AI to age young climate activists and emphasize the urgency of climate action.
  • The interactive platform showcases videos of AI-aged activists from 2050, depicting the dire consequences of the climate crisis, including landslides, droughts, hurricanes, and rising sea levels.
  • The initiative aims to make COP28 discussions more inclusive, providing an online hub for young activists globally to participate and engage with climate leaders, fostering dialogue on urgent climate issues.

In a move to draw attention to the escalating climate crisis, We Don’t Have Time, the world’s leading social network for climate solutions, has unveiled the “Future Voices” initiative during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). With the use of generative artificial intelligence, this initiative transforms young climate campaigners into their future selves, creating a compelling narrative that demands immediate and bold action from world leaders. As the international community gathers in the United Arab Emirates for COP28, the urgency of the climate emergency is underscored by scientists predicting 2023 to be “virtually certain” as the warmest year on record.

AI-aged activists speak from 2050

The “Future Voices” initiative features an interactive globe on its website, offering users access to poignant video testimonials from climate activists globally. Among them, Andreas Magnusson from Swedish Fridays for Future and Climate Live campaigner stands out. In a statement, he emphasizes the importance of including and listening to young people in the fight against the climate crisis. In his AI-aged video from 2050, Magnusson recounts the devastating landslides in his hometown, Mockfjärd, caused by heavy rainfall. Despite his privilege, he highlights the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable regions worldwide.

Activists from various parts of the world share their experiences in AI-generated videos from 2050, depicting vast droughts leading to water shortages, more frequent hurricanes, rising sea levels, and widespread floods and plagues. The AI-aged voices deliver a stark warning that the choices made by world leaders today will shape the world of tomorrow. The campaign underscores the immediate and enduring impact of the climate crisis on the present and future generations, urging leaders to take decisive action.

Inclusive discussions at COP28

The initiative extends beyond AI-aged videos, providing an online hub for young activists unable to attend COP28 physically. Daily broadcasts featuring climate leaders and decision-makers aim to amplify the voices of these youth advocates. David Olsson of We Don’t Have Time expresses pride in offering young people the opportunity to participate in the crucial climate negotiations of the year, emphasizing the indispensable role of youth climate advocates in driving meaningful change.

Empowering global activists

Magnusson applauds the inclusivity brought by “Future Voices” and the youth hub at COP28, recognizing that world leaders hold not only the future but also the present in their hands. The initiative provides a platform for young activists to share their messages with global leaders, amplifying bold ideas and unfiltered truths that have been absent from discussions for three decades. Nikka Gerona, Isaias Hernandez, Valeria Horton, Sophia Mathur, Agustín Ocaña, Anita Soina, and other featured activists add diverse perspectives to the urgent call for climate action.

As COP28 unfolds amidst the warnings of 2023 being a record-warm year, the “Future Voices” initiative emerges as a powerful catalyst for change. The AI-aged narratives vividly portray the consequences of inaction, urging leaders to consider the repercussions for generations to come. The inclusivity fostered by the initiative allows global youth to engage in critical climate discussions. The question remains: Will world leaders heed the call of these AI-aged voices and take the necessary actions to shape a sustainable future?

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