Elon Musk threatens to sue Mark Zuckerberg over Threads


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  • Twitter’s owner Elon Musk threatens legal action against Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta over Threads.
  • Twitter alleges that Meta poached its former employees, leveraging their knowledge of Twitter’s trade secrets to develop Threads.
  • Threads gained 30 million sign-ups within its first day, marking it as a significant competitor to Twitter.

The social media battleground is ablaze as Twitter’s maverick owner, Elon Musk, sets his legal crosshairs on Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg over the creation of a new app – Threads.

In less than a day from its launch, Threads, a text-based platform echoing Twitter’s design, found itself embroiled in a fiery intellectual property dispute with the Twitter behemoth.

Musk’s Twitter strikes back

Thread’s sudden emergence onto the social media scene, boasting a staggering 30 million sign-ups within its first day, elicited an immediate response from Twitter’s legal team.

Musk’s legal counsel, Alex Spiro, fired off a stern missive to Meta’s chief executive, Zuckerberg, alleging the social media juggernaut of unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s intellectual property and trade secrets.

The content of the letter, divulged by Semafor, speaks volumes about the escalating tension between these tech titans.

Musk’s lawyer accused Meta of strategically recruiting numerous former Twitter employees, allegedly possessing intimate knowledge of Twitter’s proprietary information, to fast-track the development of Threads.

Rebuking these allegations, Meta’s communications director, Andy Stone, insisted that none of the engineers on Threads were Twitter alumni. Yet, the palpable animosity is clear as Twitter readies its legal arsenal to fiercely guard its intellectual property rights against Meta’s alleged infringement.

Clash of the social media titans

The brewing storm over Threads highlights the magnitude of its threat to Twitter, a platform that has seen an influx of competitors since Musk assumed control. However, none have made as substantial an impact as Threads, compelling Twitter to leap into rapid action.

Musk, the visionary Tesla CEO, broke his silence on Threads’ launch by endorsing Spiro’s claims on Twitter, drawing a clear line between competition and alleged dishonesty.

Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, also joined the fray, subtly mocking Threads as a mere imitation of Twitter that could never replicate the unique essence of the Twitter community.

Even Zuckerberg couldn’t resist joining in, firing off his first tweet in a decade, teasing Twitter with a Spider-Man meme illustrating Threads’ striking resemblance to Twitter.

In an era where Twitter’s decision-making has been under scrutiny, alternatives such as Mastodon and Bluesky have emerged, albeit without matching the swift adoption rate of Threads.

Upon its launch, Threads swiftly went global, available in 100 countries on both iOS and Android platforms, bypassing the EU due to data privacy regulation concerns. However, its easy integration with Instagram accounts seems to have fuelled its rapid uptake, raising eyebrows at Twitter.

As dissatisfaction simmers among users over Musk’s management of Twitter, combined with his seemingly rightward political leanings, Threads’ appearance poses a serious threat to Twitter’s dominance.

Armed with Meta’s abundant resources and its massive Instagram user base to leverage, Threads could potentially siphon off users and revenue from Twitter. The app’s stellar sign-up rate on its first day is a testament to its immediate popularity, leaving its competitors in the dust.

While the future of this social media battle remains uncertain, it is evident that Musk’s Twitter will tenaciously defend its intellectual property rights.

As the war drums beat louder between Musk and Zuckerberg, the tech world watches with bated breath to see which titan will emerge victorious in this clash over Threads. Regardless of the outcome, this showdown will surely redefine the landscape of social media competition.

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