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MetaWeek 2022 in Dubai: Mr. KEY fast-forwards global crypto adoption


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Mr. KEY faces the audience at yet another global conference.
  • The MetaWeek 2022 in Dubai aims to propel global crypto adoption.
  • Discussions on the blockchain ecosystem clarify doubts and fears.

The United Arab Emirates is quickly becoming a cryptocurrency hotspot in the Middle East. The UAE has made significant progress in creating a friendly and healthy business environment for crypto and blockchain-based organizations. According to Cryptopolitan, the metaverse and NFT projects in the UAE are gaining momentum.

The DeFi industry has gathered in Dubai for a week-long conference with a networking opportunity that rivals the networking entities themselves. The MetaWeek began on March 7th and will conclude on March 10th, 2022. It’s a worldwide event featuring over 50 nations, more than 100 speakers, and dozens of media companies and organizations.

Mr. KEY goes global with his advocacies

MetaWeek summit is the week’s main event on March 8th and 9th at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. MetaWeek’s advantageous position is that the UAE has taken over social media dominance in several sectors significantly influencing daily life.

Mr. KEY, the co-creator of the Forward protocol, is one of the featured speakers at MetaWeek. Mr. KEY is also CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Utopian Capital and Chairman and Managing Director of KEY Difference Media. Since 2007, he has been a best-selling author and award-winning speaker on content marketing.

Mr. KEY was presented with the Global Achievers’ Award in February 2022 for his significant role in improving and developing India’s economy and society. He has been working in the blockchain sector since 2012. His track record includes over nine years of experience in the industry.

He is a leader in today’s global economy, and his success may be expedited from when he was in his teens. Mr. KEY received India’s “Youngest CEO Award” in 2010 for founding his first company when he was only 14 years old. He has been a long-time advisor to numerous blockchain projects, both investor and founder. He currently resides in Dubai, where he focuses on the global crypto sector.

His Forward Protocol initiative has already achieved humanitarian impact. Forward Protocol is the light at the end of a very dark societal tunnel in a world with vast educational disparities, overpriced education systems, and unequal educational services.

The purpose of the protocol is to provide all children with an equal education. Forward Protocol is pioneering a new educational model built on blockchain that links the EdTech sector, WP for EdTech, and WordPress.

Additionally, the protocol lowers the barrier to entry for various sectors using a B2B approach that links ideas, businesses, and markets. The process is made easy with open-source, fully customizable no-code blockchain smart contract tools built into the Forward Factory.

MetaWeek 2022: the epicenter of crypto explosion?

Mr. KEY participates at the Dubai MetaWeek summit, speaking on the blockchain ecosystem and the metaverse. With many cryptocurrency investors moving to Dubai, the Emirate City has established itself as an economic center.

The invited speakers include Sheikh Almualla bin Ahmed Almualla, the Managing Partner of GHAF Capita and a member of the UAE royal family, and other notable individuals in the sector. The event has sponsorships from a chain of companies on three levels: Platinum, Gold, and silver. It additionally has the backing of media organizations such as Cryptopolitan, Bitcoin Mexico, and Crypto Arabia, among others.

After Facebook endorsed the Metaverse position, there have been ongoing discussions about Meta becoming centralization supporters in Web 3.0. The Metaverse is a virtual world that combines highly sophisticated visual and artistic experiences with a crypto-based DeFi backbone, populated by self-governing communities and powered by interoperable blockchain networks.

The Blockchain-based virtual economy of the future known as the Internet of Values aims to offer a trailblazing experience to millions of users while also shaking up the world’s economy and innovative landscape.

The blockchain’s governance architecture ascribes as the agreed-upon governance structure for a particular use case. The governing structure specifies participants’ acceptable behavior, data ownership, financing, exit and entrance criteria, and information-sharing requirements.

During the panel discussion on “The blockchain ecosystem and metaverse environment: How will we communicate, adopt new technology, and interact?” Mr. KEY had this to say on building lasting enterprises with integrity in the crypto space.

I look at the fundamentals that worked before the crypto space (real resources, revenue, business model, etc), I look at crypto as a tool and not a means to an end. 

Karnika E. Yashwant, Co-Founder, Forward Protocol

KEY alleviated fears should the cryptosystem goes down: businesses can build utility and revenue streams as they still have utilities to maintain them. He expressed that businesses with actual-world value will survive in the blockchain ecosystem. However, businesses without value in the crypto space, to him, are simply scams.

Additionally, the panel discussion covered  NFTs, tokens, and hackathons. Mr. KEY is an innovator with a heart, enthusiasm, and inventive bent. His views on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to revolutionize the current financial industry.

Florence Muchai

Florence Muchai

Florence is a crypto enthusiast and writer who loves to travel. As a digital nomad, she explores the transformative power of blockchain technology. Her writing reflects the limitless possibilities for humanity to connect and grow.

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