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Forward Protocol Co-Founder Karnika E. Yashwant has won the prestigious Global Achievers’ Award for his outstanding contribution towards the progress and development of the Indian economy and society. Mr. KEY was chosen among the selected few from his respective field & region The felicitation and announcement were made by Mr. Harish Chandra, President and Executive Director of the Indian Achievers’ Forum & Achievers World. Formal awarding will be held virtually, giving due importance to social distancing. 

Congratulations on winning the “Global Achievers’ Award, 2021-22”! You really deserved this honour for your Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building. I am sure this will motivate you to further excel in your field and inspire others as well. 

Harish Chandra, President
Indian Achievers’ Forum and Achievers’ World

All who have worked with and known Mr. KEY find this Award a fitting recognition of an impact entrepreneur dedicated to developing the next billion-dollar start-ups and a primary influencer in blockchain and crypto insider circles.

This Global Achievers’ Award comes at a most opportune time when the blockchain sector is expanding at breakneck speed, boosted by an increasing number of new ideas that benefit the entire world. Forward Protocol illustrates what competent leadership truly entails. In 2018, Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) and Mitch Rankin founded Forward Protocol and formed a team that shared their vision.

Forward Protocol: WordPress for Web 3.0

The Forward Protocol vision, three years in the making, is closer to realization than ever before.

According to a World Economic Forum survey, 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027. The facts validate that adopting blockchain into companies’ architecture can radically change the capital markets industry. However, due to the high barrier to entry in this field, adoption won’t happen overnight.

The recent capital market has brought up several problems, and Forward Protocol (#Forward) was envisioned to address them. As specified in its whitepaper, this innovation lowers entry barriers across verticals via a B2B approach. The enablement reduces friction by linking concepts, businesses, and markets with open-sourced, fully flexible no-code blockchain smart contract solutions within Forward Factory to rapid and seamless blockchain adoption.

The smart contract can be used in any EVM-compatible blockchain, both Layer 1 and 2. The Protocol is an open ecosystem where any developer may contribute to the Smart Contract Template Library. The transaction fees levied on the contracts they create and deploy will benefit the smart contract developers.

Forward Protocol pioneers a new education model based on blockchain that connects the EdTech industry, fostering WordPress for EdTech. #Forward supports 5 core smart contracts that will offer Proof of Value-Delivered, Proof of Value, Distributed Reward & Revenue Sharing, Proof of Ownership, and InitalKnowledgeOffering (IKO).

Forward Protocol for a humanitarian cause

In addition to being an economic model, #Forward has a humanitarian aim. The present educational system has drawbacks, and the list of outspoken critics grows by the day. There’s ample proof that you don’t need to excel in the classroom to succeed in the real world.

Modern-day education is confronted with issues such as a scarcity of resources. In addition, rural and underdeveloped sector children do not have access to the infrastructure or top educators that would enable them to compete at par with their urban counterparts.

Forward Protocol aims to bridge this divide and fill the gap. #Forward enables networks for professionals with no regard for background or experience through a distributed, democratic, and mutually rewarding learning system that incorporates blockchain technology.

#Forward presses on with its goal with no signs of slowing down. A brilliant team ensures the development and implementation of the roadmap like clockwork. But what is a team without its visionaries? One of the co-founders, Mitch Rankin, is a philanthropist, real estate investor, and blockchain investor. Co-founder Karnika E. Yashwant (also known as Mr. KEY) is a blockchain strategist, ICO marketer, and investor. 

A man of many hats: Mr. KEY

Happy to have met and spoken with many #Blockchain leaders from around the world, enthuses KEY.

Mr. KEY wears many hats in modern-day economic developments. Forward Protocol can be viewed as the cherry topping on his many achievements. He is also the visionary for prime projects such as Utopian Capital and KEY Difference Media. He has been in the blockchain field since 2012 and has a track record of over 9 years in the blockchain marketing industry.

In 2010, Mr. KEY received India’s “Youngest CEO Award” for starting his first company when he was only 14 years old. He currently serves on the boards of several blockchain projects, either as an advisor or founder. He is based in Dubai, where he may quickly launch another cryptocurrency project.

Mr. Key has shown himself to be a man who will not give up until he reaches his goal. He won the “Global Achievers Award for 2021-22” out of many qualified nominees vetted by the Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF). Awarding will be held virtually on 28 February 2022.

Govt. of India Recognized 80G, 12A compliant
Promoting Achievements Which Inspire Businesses & Communities

IAF has awarded deserving individuals from all areas of life that have made a difference in India’s social, political, and economic standing worldwide. The IAF platform encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions on important issues.

When asked about the team struggles before achieving success, Mr. Key gives this formula:

Sticking to what we believe in and pursuing that at all times no matter what was one of the biggest struggles. It’s important to know why we are doing what we’re doing and get to that point of clarity, not only for ourselves but the people with us… Gaining that point of clarity was the biggest key and it’s all about thinking and trying to make things simpler and easier.

Karnika E. Yahwant, Forward Protocol Co-Founder,
KEY Difference Media Chairman & Managing Director,
Utopian Capital Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chief Investment Officer

His struggles and triumphs in life have inspired the younger generation to face obstacles, overcome problems, and strive to achieve more than they thought possible. His support for blockchain technology could be the KEY that opens access and financial possibilities outside of existing constraints.

To be a thought leader, you need to stand apart – Karnika E. Yashwant

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