Moonbeam Network and Animo Industries Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming


  • Moonbeam Network partners with Animo Industries to enter blockchain gaming, aiming to enhance game asset ownership and tradeability through “Stars Arena.”
  • The collaboration seeks to expand “Stars Arena” to major platforms and forecasts a 400% growth in the web3 gaming market over the next decade.




In a strategic move that signals a major shift in the landscape of digital gaming, Moonbeam Network has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Animo Industries, a prominent player in the web3 gaming development arena. 

The collaboration marks Moonbeam’s foray into blockchain gaming, leveraging Animo’s expertise in creating immersive gaming experiences with their latest offering, “Stars Arena,” a third-person mech-shooter game that has captivated a burgeoning audience. The partnership is set against the backdrop of an optimistic forecast for the web3 gaming market, which is expected to witness a staggering 400% growth over the next decade.

A collaboration between Moonbeam Network and Animo Industries for innovation

Moonbeam Network, a platform celebrated for its pioneering cross-chain application development capabilities, has chosen Animo Industries as a partner to navigate the uncharted waters of crypto gaming. The collaboration is fueled by a shared vision of transforming the gaming sector through the integration of blockchain technology, aiming to enrich the gaming experience with enhanced ownership and traceability of in-game assets.

Sicco Naets, Moonbeam Foundation’s Head of Ecosystem Development, underscored the partnership’s ambition, stating, “Our partnership with Animo Industries is a sign of our shared commitment to bring web3 gaming to a broader audience.” He further elaborated on the mission to evolve blockchain gaming beyond the conventional play-to-earn model by integrating web3 technology to add meaningful utility and enhance core gameplay mechanics.

Moonbeam’s contribution to the partnership extends beyond mere collaboration; it includes financial backing through a grant program designed to bolster Animo’s capabilities in delivering a seamless gaming experience. The support aims to leverage Moonbeam’s technological advancements to simplify the process for gamers to acquire and manage in-game assets across different platforms. The envisioned marketplace would amalgamate web2 and web3 items, providing a unified platform for gamers to access a wide range of assets without navigating through multiple marketplaces.

Expanding the gaming universe

Animo Industries is not resting on its laurels with the success of “Stars Arena.” The company has ambitious plans to introduce the game to major gaming platforms such as the Epic Games Store and Steam, before embarking on the development of blockchain-enabled versions for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The strategic expansion is poised to redefine gaming, offering players an unprecedented level of engagement through the ownership and exchange of digital assets within the gaming ecosystem. The anticipation for “Stars Arena” is palpable, with NFTs related to the game already generating nearly $9 million in total trading volume on OpenSea. The public launch of the game, slated for March 1, is eagerly awaited by the gaming community and industry observers alike.

A future poised for growth

The partnership between Moonbeam and Animo Industries is more than a mere collaboration; it’s a visionary step towards realizing the potential of blockchain in gaming. Both companies are bullish on the future of on-chain gaming, citing reports that forecast a nearly 400% growth in the sector over the next decade. The optimism is shared by other blockchain games, such as the first-person-shooter “Shrapnel,” which aims to attract traditional gaming consumers with its launch on the Epic Games Store.

The alliance between Moonbeam and Animo signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital gaming, where the integration of blockchain technology is set to offer players more than just entertainment. It promises a future where gamers have tangible ownership of their in-game assets, facilitating a level of interaction and trade previously unattainable in traditional gaming models. The venture is a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology in reshaping industries and enhancing user experiences.


The partnership between Moonbeam Network and Animo Industries heralds a new era in the gaming industry, characterized by the fusion of traditional gaming with the innovative capabilities of blockchain technology. As the web3 gaming market stands on the brink of exponential growth, the collaboration is poised to lead the charge in redefining the gaming experience for players worldwide. By prioritizing meaningful utility and seamless integration of web3 functionalities, Moonbeam and Animo are setting a new standard for the future of gaming. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the success of “Stars Arena” and the expansion of blockchain-enabled gaming on major platforms will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of the burgeoning sector.

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