D3 and Core Chain Partner to Launch .core Domain


  • D3 and Core Chain are teaming up to apply for the .core Top-Level Domain (TLD) to bridge the gap between the traditional Internet and Web3, aiming to create interoperable digital identities.
  • This partnership will enhance Core Chain’s mission to make Web3 more accessible and intuitive, with the goal of integrating Web3 identities into existing Internet infrastructure, ultimately paving the way for a smoother transition for users into the world of Web3

D3 has recently announced an exciting partnership with Core Chain to embark on a groundbreaking initiative: applying for the .core Top-Level Domain (TLD) during the upcoming application window set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). 

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey towards bridging the digital divide between the conventional Internet and the burgeoning Web3 space, leveraging the foundational principles of the Domain Name System (DNS) to foster a future of interoperable digital identities.

D3 and Core Chain bridging internet and Web3

The partnership between D3 and Core Chain is underpinned by a shared vision of creating a more accessible, scalable, and secure Web3 ecosystem. By integrating the DNS into the fabric of digital identities, the initiative aims to provide universal access to Internet users, enabling them to seamlessly interact with services offered by partner ecosystems like Core. Fred Hsu, CEO of D3, emphasized the importance of the collaboration in achieving interoperable digital identities that are both futureproof and aligned with the ethos of Web3 accessibility.

Core Chain has demonstrated remarkable growth since its mainnet launch, amassing over 5 million active wallets within its ecosystem. The partnership is set to further enhance Core Chain’s commitment to making the Web3 space more intuitive and accessible, especially for those new to the digital asset realm. By aligning with D3’s mission, Core Chain aims to streamline the integration of Web3 identities into the existing Internet infrastructure, thereby facilitating a smoother transition for the next billion users to the world of Web3. Rich Rines, an initial contributor at Core Chain, highlighted the strategic importance of the partnership in expanding Core Chain’s ecosystem and fostering a more interconnected Web3 experience.

A coalition for Web3 domains

The collaboration between D3 and Core Chain is part of a larger movement to establish ‘real Web3 domains’ and develop interoperable digital identities that stand the test of time. Core Chain now joins an impressive roster of Web3 ecosystems, including NEAR Protocol, Gate.io, Shiba Inu, and Viction, all united in their goal to accelerate the transition to Web3 domains. The collective effort signifies a pivotal shift towards a more integrated and user-friendly digital future, where Web3 technologies are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the Internet.

As part of the ambitious project, users are invited to sign up for early access, marking the beginning of a new era in digital identity management. Through the .core TLD application and the establishment of futureproof digital identities, D3 and Core Chain are setting the stage for a revolution in how we interact with the digital world, ensuring that Web3 is not just a parallel universe but an integral part of our daily online experiences.


The partnership between D3 and Core Chain to secure the .core Top-Level Domain marks a significant step towards merging the traditional Internet with Web3, emphasizing the importance of interoperable, futureproof digital identities. The initiative, grounded in DNS principles, aims to make the digital world more accessible and integrated. By joining forces with notable Web3 ecosystems, they’re spearheading a transformative movement towards a seamlessly interconnected online experience, where Web3 technologies become an essential part of daily digital life.

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