Mode Garners Substantial OP Grant from Optimism Foundation to Propel User Growth 

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  • Mode, a DeFi Layer 2 network, received a substantial $5.3 million grant in OP tokens from the Optimism Foundation to drive user growth.
  • Mode collaborates with the Optimism Collective, positioning itself as a key DeFi hub in the Superchain ecosystem, fostering innovation and community engagement.




In a significant development for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, Mode, a Modular DeFi Layer 2 network, has been announced as the recipient of a generous grant from the Optimism Foundation. 

The grant, comprising up to 2 million OP tokens valued at around $5.3 million, is poised to catalyze user growth incentives on Mode’s platform. The strategic infusion of resources underscores a shared commitment between Mode and the Optimism Foundation to nurture and expand the DeFi ecosystem.

Deepening collaborative efforts with the Optimism collective

An important aspect of the initiative is Mode’s decision to forge a deeper alliance with the Optimism Collective. By directing a portion of its sequencer revenue to the Collective, Mode is not merely a beneficiary of the grant but also a contributor to the broader ecosystem’s prosperity. In Layer 2 networks, sequencers are instrumental in organizing transactions before they are batched and relayed to the main chain, which is Ethereum.

The Optimism Collective, renowned for its dedication to fostering public goods for Ethereum, stands to gain from the revenue-sharing arrangement. Mode’s engagement with the Law of Chains, a framework promoting open neutrality and governing the Superchain network, further cements its commitment to the collective’s ethos and the expansive Ethereum ecosystem.

Mode’s position in the Superchain ecosystem

The Superchain, conceptualized by Optimism as a network of multiple Layer 2 blockchains, is designed with the ambitious goal of scaling Ethereum. It encompasses prominent chains such as OP Mainnet, the Coinbase-incubated Base network, Zora Network, and Manta Pacific. Within the intricate network, Mode is strategically positioning itself as a central DeFi hub. James Ross, the founder of Mode, has articulated the platform’s dedication to nurturing interoperable DeFi applications and infrastructure, thereby positioning Mode as an integral component in the network’s growth and utility.

Mode’s commitment to the Superchain ecosystem transcends its own growth ambitions. The platform is actively engaged in developing open-source tools tailored for the Superchain ecosystem. The initiative is particularly focused on introducing innovative features like native yield, smart treasuries, and on-chain AI agents. Furthermore, Mode’s pledge to allocate resources for public goods reflects a profound commitment to the collective development and sustainability of the ecosystem, resonating with the ethos of the Optimism Collective.

Nurturing innovation and community engagement

Mode’s approach to growth and development is holistic, emphasizing not just technological advancement but also community engagement and contribution. The platform recognizes the importance of a vibrant, participative community in driving innovation and adoption in the DeFi space. By aligning its objectives with the needs and aspirations of its users and the broader community, Mode is fostering an environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and shared success.

The grant from the Optimism Foundation is instrumental in enabling Mode to scale its initiatives, enhance its platform’s capabilities, and extend its reach within the DeFi community. It provides the necessary resources for Mode to accelerate its development roadmap, refine its offerings, and deliver value to its users and the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

The anticipation surrounding Mode’s mainnet launch at the end of January is palpable. The milestone is not just a technical achievement but also a testament to the platform’s progress, potential, and the trust placed in it by the Optimism Foundation and the community. The mainnet launch is expected to unlock new possibilities for Mode, enabling it to fully leverage the grant’s potential, actualize its vision for an interoperable DeFi hub, and contribute meaningfully to the Superchain ecosystem.


The grant of up to 2 million OP tokens from the Optimism Foundation to Mode marks a pivotal moment in the DeFi sector. It represents not just a financial endorsement but also a strategic collaboration aimed at fostering growth, interoperability, and innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem. Mode’s commitment to contributing to the Optimism Collective, its strategic role within the Superchain, and its focus on developing open-source tools and public goods underscore its dedication to shaping a more interconnected, secure, and thriving DeFi landscape.

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