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  • Tools Up! Ultimate Edition: DIY fun with renovation tasks and multiplayer chaos. Bright visuals, occasional control issues.
  • Garden Party DLC adds an outdoor twist. Earn stars, unlock characters, and enjoy local co-op.
  • A solid entry point for DIY sim fans. Worth a try for home improvement enthusiasts.

Tools Up! Ultimate Edition is under the spotlight in this comprehensive review. This review provides an unbiased evaluation of the game, focusing on its gameplay, features, and overall experience. With a cost of around £30, this edition bundles the base game and the Garden Party DLC, with the addition of a PvP mode.

Tools Up! gameplay

Tools Up! falls into the category of games similar to Overcooked!, but it offers a less stressful gameplay experience. In this game, players are tasked with renovating properties and tidying up gardens, catering to clients with unique design preferences. While the game operates on a timer, it allows players to opt for a time-limit-free mode.

The game starts with a top-down view of the renovation project. Players are presented with a blueprint that outlines the client’s requests. Interestingly, camera rotation is only possible when holding the blueprint, making it less practical. Many players find the fixed-angle view more convenient.

Players’ most valuable tool in Tools Up! is their trusty bucket. This versatile tool serves multiple purposes, from collecting rubbish to cleaning walls and flooring for makeovers. Painting and carpet-laying are straightforward, requiring just a press of the “X” button for grabbing and applying materials.

Progressive complexity

As players progress through the levels, the game introduces more complex tasks, such as pasting walls for wallpaper. Success in the game relies on studying the task at hand and efficiently managing the job list. However, critical items are delivered sporadically, leading to crowded spaces and potential frustrations when knocking over objects and creating messes.

One recurring issue in Tools Up! Ultimate Edition is the unresponsiveness of controls. Precise thumbstick movements are often required, leading to difficulties in selecting items and placing them accurately. This frustration becomes more pronounced in later levels with stricter time constraints.

Garden Party DLC

The Garden Party DLC takes the renovation action outdoors, requiring players to sow seeds, cut grass, and water plants. While the core gameplay mechanics remain, the DLC offers a refreshing change in aesthetics, preventing the game from feeling overly repetitive.

Completing jobs in Tools Up! Ultimate Edition earns players points, which convert into star ratings. Players can unlock different characters to play as, adding variety to multiplayer sessions. The game supports four-way local co-op play, offering enjoyable chaos but missing an opportunity for online multiplayer.

Completing the campaign unlocks the “Time Attack” mode, where players gain time for completed tasks and face consequences for mistakes. The new addition is the competitive home makeover mode, where players compete to complete their job lists and engage in some friendly sabotage.

Aesthetics and sound

Tools Up! Ultimate Edition features bright and colorful visuals that cater to its target audience and enhance gameplay clarity. The cheerful music, though occasionally repetitive, complements the game’s vibrant atmosphere.

Tools Up! Ultimate Edition, while not living up to its name entirely, offers a solid DIY simulation game. It serves as an excellent entry point for those new to the genre, suitable for players of all ages. With 75 levels, it provides ample content to keep players engaged for an extended period.

Whether it’s the strategic renovation tasks or the competitive multiplayer mode, Tools Up! Ultimate Edition offers a unique take on the DIY simulation genre. With its bright visuals and accessible gameplay, it’s a game worth considering for those looking to dive into home improvement challenges without the stress.

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