Mid Of All The Chaos Bitcoin May Become The Global Currency

There is a global silence, or cold war is going on, and many significant countries, even like Russia, want to ditch the Dollar. In the quest for seeking a currency that would do justice to all, Bitcoin might become the global currency in the upcoming days. There are various opinions from people like Max Keiser who believes Bitcoin to be a resistance currency and on the other hand, others like Jack Dorsey thinks Bitcoin as the currency of the internet.

The debt across the economies are rising; there is the anticipation of the collapse of the share market, countries prepping for de-dollarization and largest economies are having open trade wars depicting the vulnerability of the economic situation of the world today.

All these are going on simultaneously putting Bitcoin in focus and as per a recent report from Bloomberg, the US Dollar is going to dip further due to the Data-dependency of the Federal Reserve.

On the other hand, banks in France are restricting the usage of debit cards and also barring withdrawals otherwise. In accordance with this, Max Keiser who is a Bitcoin investor and proponent, commented that this can be a rise of the worldwide insurrection to beat the globalism and unfair dominance of the Central Banks. In the previous month, he also advised the French rebels to convert their 1/5th of the bank savings into Bitcoin. Only 1/5th of all the savings of the account holders can collapse the banking system in the country and save a lot of lives. He also commented about the Wells Fargo fraud and said that fraudsters run America’s economy.

Jimmy Song, who is a Bitcoin Developer stated that the protest in France starts with Bitcoin and it can become the currency of resistance.

As per Max Keiser, price, difficulty adjustment (ten minutes emission) and hash rate of Bitcoin being constant can make it the concrete monetary policy.