Microsoft Expands Collaboration with Deci.ai, Integrating Israeli Startup’s Models


  • Microsoft partners with Deci.ai, an Israeli startup.
  • Deci.ai’s cost-effective algorithms empower developers to create high-quality AI models.
  • This collaboration showcases Microsoft’s strategy to broaden AI partnerships and offerings, staying competitive in the evolving market.

Microsoft is broadening its collaboration with Deci.ai, a deep learning development platform based in Israel, by enabling its customers to utilize models developed by the startup, as reported by “Globes.” The move signifies Microsoft’s strategic effort to diversify its AI offerings beyond its prominent partnership with OpenAI, which has faced increasing competition in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Expansion into EU market

As Microsoft’s major AI partner, OpenAI faces stiff competition from tech giants such as Google Meta (formerly Facebook), emerging players like Mistral AI from France, TII from Abu Dhabi, and Israel’s AI21 Labs. This intensifying competition prompted Microsoft to explore partnerships with alternative AI providers, including Deci.ai.

Access to Deci’s technology is facilitated through Microsoft’s AI cloud store, Azure AI Studio, where customers can leverage Deci’s models alongside offerings from other providers. This integration diversifies Microsoft’s AI ecosystem and presents customers with a broader range of AI development and deployment options.

Microsoft’s decision to expand its collaboration with Deci.ai comes amid antitrust regulatory scrutiny in the US and UK, urging the tech giant to mitigate its reliance on exclusive partnerships like the one with OpenAI. By integrating Deci’s models into its AI portfolio, Microsoft aims to navigate regulatory pressures while enhancing its competitiveness in the global AI market.

The partnership with Deci.ai underscores Microsoft’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the AI community, allowing customers to benefit from diverse cutting-edge technologies.

Deci.ai’s innovative approach to AI processing

Founded four years ago, Deci.ai has raised $55 million in funding to date, with a mission to address the high costs associated with AI processing. By developing algorithms that optimize processing power and reduce hardware dependency, Deci.ai empowers software developers to accelerate AI adoption and innovation.

Deci’s breakthroughs in AI processing have led to the development of models comparable to those of industry leaders like OpenAI and Google. Notably, Deci’s model DeciLM achieved the top ranking by Hugging Face, featuring seven billion parameters, showcasing the startup’s technological prowess and competitive edge.

Despite its relatively short tenure, Deci