The Virtual World Where Imagination Becomes Reality

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  • Creative virtual platform for building social multiplayer worlds.
  • User-friendly tools and monetization opportunities for creators.
  • Empowering creators, promoting accessibility in the metaverse.

What happens in the “Highrise” will change into “Your virtual house on the Net,” a platform for those inclined to create. Creators will have a chance to construct unique and vivid, multiplayer virtual settings where their visitors can mingle with each other without any concerns related to theory.

Virtual world for creators

Anton Bernstein, Highrise’s co-founder and CEO, claims that on the internet, people talk and experience the world together by having their defined communication framework. Back then, the project’s condition was based on social interactions around activities.

Highrise can be considered a digital burning man, where players can put up their tents, rooms, and styles, offering an alternate world that may be different and could be disguised by accident. From weaving scraps of paper into magnificent artworks to pot harvests, this is Hightower: the ultimate guide to anything that can be thought of on the digital medium. The app maintains an audience of over 2 million monthly unique users with an average session lasting 90 minutes. What matters to Highrise is the ability concept behind it and social options, which are the reason for deepening the sense of belonging as a central issue instead of a game engine.

“PatternGen Doc: We see that the DNA of Roblox and Epic consists mostly of games, and services like those on Instagram or Snapchat are second in that equation,”-Bernstein.

Socializing is one of the positives that comes with a complete and accurate profile. The feature supports processes like consistent and accurate identification, similar to Instagram. With social networks, people can connect all over the world. It seems like the company has figured out the platform perfectly. Even most games market within the strength are those made for a wide variety of players, both men and women, mostly 22 years old, and around 70% of them are “OurStrength is supported mainly by the accessibility which we promote.”

The main strength of Reach is the Highrise Studio, which houses a unity-based tool for the benefit of creators, making it possible for them to make a 3D, multiplayer world with just one click. As early as the first day of the company’s official launch, Highrise boasted about 200 creators, all of them exploring this area. Thus, they created the things that gave resounding viral exposure to virtual clubs with music accompanied by green lights, competing games that had visual effects of their own that one would find similar to those in the Squid Game series, and the open-world adventures with a personally driven persistent.

Accessibility and empowerment

Additionally, the CEO states that there are offering educational material, manuals, monetization in-game and through the system for payments. This represents the Highrise Plus subscription service that will already pay creators based on CRP (Computed Retained Period), the amount of time their in-game dwellers spend in their worlds. Furthermore, creators will be able to integrate in-game shopping using our internal virtual Highrise as an alternative world creation and a powerful tool for psychologists and sociologists. 2D and 3D isometrics have been widely adopted and have gained huge popularity in the online community since 2010 by the artists and creators on this platform.

“This is how we make our web isometric items; you don’t have to be like an artist,” the company founder says. In addition to social approval, we figured out that it is the barrier hindering people from feeling art on their own and giving their inner spark a chance to burst out. We answered this problem with “Highrise Concepts” contests, where people can send us their sketches, and we (the Highrise art team) will make these products as sales promoters. We’ll constantly work with the creator together in sharing the revenue. They also had the opportunity to play “Highrise Ideas,” a previously launched or the Kickster version of our product, for users interested in integrating product ideas before the product has been written. Last year, over 5,000 artists were allowed to do art designing; thus, we finally had the amount of 0.5 million dollars transferred to them. One creator made six figures this year while using the in-game items.

In essence, Highrise has been at the behest of those creators who have rendered a helping hand to the underprivileged coders. Moreover, the Highrise course has aptly donned both learnings of the coding language and game development among the youth by making a space for those without access to or opportunities to become coders in the gaming industry. “Among some of the greatest innovators is a 16, 17, and 18 years old. Undoubtedly, they’ve mastered the art of coding at Highrise. This is what it takes!” Bernstein admiringly says. Professor Levy says going back a decade; he proclaims, it was not only Highrise but Highrise and ChatGPT.AI devices, Chatgpt as an example, a tool where this new generation can tell stories of their own as they teach themselves by watching YouTube videos and using the tools in Highrise.

The platform’s open nature, allowing creators to tap into the full Unity ecosystem and even version control with GitHub, is also a key differentiator, according to Bernstein: “We intend to sign more people than Roblox do or that Unreal Engine makes.” So, the future will hold the Highrise’s reputation as a general social metaverse venue. He adds that the next step out of vision will be to design an experience that will be open-ended and will be running on our multi-platform settings. If you want to hang out with your friend or would like to have captivating sessions, the experience will await you at the setting.

The virtual world is currently a central issue in the creative sector of the metaverse. This is just because the creator-centric policy joins the metaverse transaction, which results in social connectivity and accessibility to all age groups and skill levels. This trend of harming barriers between online and the real world is speeding up with the constantly updated platforms, such as Highrise; meanwhile, Highrise’s development will also facilitate building communities and relationships online.

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