Microsoft Contemplates Expanding Xbox-Exclusive Games to PlayStation 5


  • Microsoft may release Xbox exclusives on PS5, like “Starfield” and “Indiana Jones,” changing their approach.
  • Xbox games could be temporarily exclusive while also available on Game Pass before coming to other platforms.
  • This shift could increase revenue but risks alienating Xbox fans and impacting exclusivity in gaming.

Microsoft may reconsider its longstanding approach to Xbox-exclusive games in a surprising turn of events. Recent reports suggest that the tech giant is contemplating the release of some of its highly acclaimed exclusives, such as “Starfield” and “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” on the PlayStation 5 (PS5), marking a significant shift in its strategy.

Starfield: From Xbox-Exclusive to Multi-Platform Release?

Starfield, a Bethesda game that made waves as one of Xbox’s flagship exclusives in 2023, could potentially find its way onto the PS5. With over 13 million players since its launch and a record-breaking debut for Bethesda, Starfield’s success was undeniable. However, this move to expand the game’s availability beyond the Xbox ecosystem has sparked anticipation and concern among gamers.

The news, originally reported by XboxEra, indicates that Microsoft is planning to release Starfield on the PS5 after the launch of the “Shattered Space” expansion, slated for later this year. The report also suggests that Microsoft has invested in additional PlayStation 5 development kits to facilitate ongoing development efforts.

This shift is notable considering the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft in 2021, with Xbox head Phil Spencer emphasizing the importance of “delivering great exclusive games” on platforms where Game Pass exists. The acquisition was also seen as a strategic move to prevent Sony from securing Starfield as a timed exclusive on the PS5.

However, Microsoft may be leaning towards a timed console exclusivity period on Xbox for certain games. While these titles would still be available on day one on Game Pass for consoles and PC, gamers on other platforms would need to wait a year or more to access them. This mirrors Sony’s approach, which has started releasing their PlayStation-exclusive games on PC a year or more after their initial PlayStation release.

According to sources cited by XboxEra, Microsoft’s senior leadership has debated the pros and cons of this decision, with internal divisions on the matter. Nevertheless, the potential financial gains from expanding to other platforms have influenced the decision.

Another highly anticipated Bethesda title, “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” was showcased as an Xbox console exclusive during last month’s Developer_Direct event. However, reports indicate it could have a relatively short exclusivity period before potentially launching on the PS5.

While Bethesda initially plans to release the game as an Xbox console exclusive, they are reportedly considering a PS5 release just a few months later. The tentative release window for the Xbox and PC versions is December 2024.

Microsoft faces a balancing act

While these potential multi-platform releases are yet to be confirmed, Microsoft is at a crossroads. The company’s shifting strategy regarding exclusive games has ignited discussions among gamers and the gaming industry.

Microsoft’s original commitment to delivering exclusive content to the Xbox ecosystem was a cornerstone of its gaming strategy. However, the allure of expanding revenue streams and reaching a wider audience may be prompting this change in approach.

Nevertheless, Microsoft must tread carefully to avoid alienating its dedicated Xbox fan base. A move to ship Xbox-exclusive games on other consoles could potentially make Xbox consoles less appealing, which, in turn, may lead to reduced support from third-party developers.

This shift in strategy bears similarities to recent instances where Xbox Series X|S saw delays in receiving titles such as “Baldur’s Gate 3” and exclusives like “Final Fantasy VII: Remake” choosing to skip the Xbox platform entirely.

As Microsoft contemplates this bold strategy shift, gamers, and industry observers eagerly await further details and official announcements from the tech giant. The future of Xbox exclusivity and its impact on the gaming landscape remain subjects of intense speculation and debate.

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