MetalCore set to be the 1st Playable Game on Immutable zkEVM

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  • MetalCore blockchain-powered epic and the open-world game is set to be the first playable crypto game on Immutable zkEVM.
  • The game is set to launch on the next-generation scaling platform.
  • Studio369 closed the Beta launch on immutable zkEVM, marking a huge milestone for both.

The Web3 gaming community has evolved a lot, and recently, Matt Candler and his team achieved a new milestone for their mega Web3 gaming project, MetalCore. As fans of Web3 gaming would expect, the MetalCore game will be the first playable Web3 game to launch on Immutable zkEVM, a Polygon-powered zero-knowledge proof-based scaling rollup compatible with EVM. The Studio369 crew has a vision to revolutionize the conventional gaming industry by exploring the limits of Web3 technology. 

The Studio369 team comprises names within the gaming industry, with many of them having previously held roles within large gaming organizations like Sony, Epic Games, and Activision, among others. Also, some team members have had a hand in building games like Star Trek Fortnite, which is my personal favorite! 

Web3 gaming industry is still quite nascent, and many blockchain enthusiasts haven’t actually wrapped their heads around the concept. In fact, even several Web 2 gamers do not understand the concepts powering the development of Web3 gaming. The MetalCore game is set to have player versus player (PvP) features for multiplayer as well as player versus environment features (PvE) for single-player mode.

The open-world shooter game will feature comprehensive graphics that will promote a player-driven economy within the ecosystem. 

What MetalCore Team Leaders have to say

The beta program is set to be live until the 22nd of April and will allow both new and existing users to test new features. The Web3 gamers will have access to in-game contracts, be able to share resources and earn a variety of rewards within the ecosystem. 

“Today, we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made together to seamlessly integrate web3 elements that elevate the gameplay and strategy. We are excited to raise the bar with MetalCore and finally show a really fun, high-quality game that players can play right now.” Justin Hulog, the Chief Studio Officer at Immutable, said,

His sentiments clearly indicate their commitment to incorporating unique Web3 features into the gaming scene without compromising on quality. 

“During our first Closed Beta period, we saw first-hand how interested people are in our game, evidenced by our top player completing over 800 missions with a total of 13,000+ kills. Now, we’re bringing even more fresh players into the MetalCore universe as more than 40% of our Day-1 users were completely new to the game.” Matt Candler, who is the CEO of Studio369, added. 

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