Anticipated growth in Web3 as cheqd partners with Andromeda & Devolved AI for Trusted Data Markets


  • Andromeda announced that it is partnering with cheqd_io to revolutionize data management and trust infrastructure.
  • The collaboration allows developers on the Andromeda platform to access trusted data markets from cheqd.
  • The partnership extends to Devloved AI, a Web 3 firm looking to revolutionize the AI space through rigorous decentralization measures. 

It’s another day to celebrate partnerships within the Web3 industry as three companies join forces to promote further development within the space. Cheqd is a Web3 startup focusing on enabling users to gain control of their data. Cheqd’s mission to give freedom to users is strongly taking shape with its recent collaboration with Andromeda and Devolved AI. 

The Andromeda team took to X to announce their new partnership deal with Cheqd. Through the collaboration, the developers on the Andromeda platform will gain access to Trusted Data Markets, empowering them to build more secure and user-controlled decentralized applications.

The collaboration will ensure more flexibility in data management, which paves the way for a future where individuals have full ownership and control over their data. 

Cheqd x Andromeda partnership; what should you expect?

Since cheqd is a leading data management and trust infrastructure innovator, its partnership will provide Andromeda developers with secure and user-controlled data solutions. The move will expose developers to trusted data markets that will ensure decentralized applications (dApps) have access to clean data, which is another word for entirely ethical and transparent data.

By leveraging Cheqd’s Trusted Data Markets, Andromeda developers will be able to create more sophisticated dApps with advanced data. At the center of these applications, the two parties intend to keep in mind the responsibility to not only build advanced dApps but also to capitalize on security and enhance user experience. 

What to expect from Cheqd and Devolved AI partnership?

Just like its counterpart, Andromeda, Devloved AI has also forged a partnership with the only privacy-preserving payment and credential network, Cheqd. The combo will certainly bring exciting changes to the Web3 AI space. Devolved AI mainly focuses on growing global participation in the ever-evolving industry of AI models and advanced large language models, also known as LLMs. 

Cheqd’s Trusted Data Markets will enhance Devolved AI’s ability to produce quality services in Web3. The unique infrastructure that Cheqd provides will ensure more credibility for data used to train AI models on the platform. A combination of Devolved AI’s decentralized identification (DID) and Cheqd’s credible data models can lead to a secure decentralized reputation system as envisioned by Devolved AI. 

These partnerships continue to restore our hope in Web3 space amid many critics who fail to envision the potential use cases of blockchain technology in general. The new alliance between Cheqd, Andromeda, and Devolved AI will ensure decentralized applications and AI models can be developed within the Web3 space while still ensuring the data can be transacted while still prioritizing individual privacy. 

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