Will Mentougou District Secure Its Place as Beijing’s AI Hub?

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  • Mentougou district in Beijing aims to establish itself as the city’s leading AI hub, fueled by the launch of the Ascend AI Computing Center.
  • The partnership between Mentougou district government, Zhongguancun Group, and Huawei is driving this initiative, with a focus on incubating AI innovation and attracting industry clusters.
  • Mentougou is rolling out specialized measures to support AI talent, foster AI safety standards, and anticipates significant growth in AI-related enterprises by 2030.

In a bold move to solidify its standing in Beijing’s tech domain, Mentougou district is carving out a path to become the city’s primary hub for artificial intelligence (AI) development. At the heart of this ambitious endeavor is the recently launched Ascend AI Computing Center, the first of its kind in Beijing, which is swiftly gaining traction as a critical cog in the AI ecosystem.

The Ascend AI Computing Center, inaugurated in February 2023, has rapidly evolved into a crucial player in Mentougou’s AI ambitions. With 47 clients already onboard, the center is delivering robust computing power to a diverse array of enterprises. This significant milestone was achieved through a collaborative effort between the Mentougou district government, Zhongguancun Group, and tech giant Huawei, which have joined forces to offer not just computing power services but also a fertile ground for incubating innovative AI applications and attracting burgeoning AI companies. District officials assert that this collaboration will be pivotal in fostering the growth of small and medium-sized AI enterprises.

Mentougou’s drive to lead in AI innovation

Mentougou is setting its sights on becoming the epicenter of Beijing’s thriving AI industry. According to statements made by Tan Lili, who serves as the deputy director of the management committee of the Mentougou Park, the district has set ambitious objectives. Tan Lili emphasized Mentougou’s commitment to prioritizing AI development and its goal to establish itself as the epicenter of Beijing’s AI industry. Specifically, the district aims to attract and host a total of 100 AI enterprises within its boundaries by the conclusion of 2023. This drive to attract a substantial number of AI enterprises underscores the district’s determination to be at the forefront of AI innovation.

In May, Mentougou district unveiled its pioneering measures tailored to support AI talent and facilitate the growth of the AI industry. These measures encompass provisions for working space and financial backing, particularly in computing power. To supercharge AI development, a substantial fund of approximately 1 billion yuan (US$138.4 million) has been established. This financial bolstering aims to transform promising programs into specialized and sophisticated enterprises, fostering a conducive environment for AI innovation.

With an eye toward the future, Mentougou is taking decisive steps to fortify its AI ecosystem. The district is actively working on establishing AI safety standards and demonstrating applications in diverse real-world scenarios, ensuring that AI development adheres to rigorous quality and security benchmarks. Looking ahead to 2030, Mentougou district envisions having over four listed AI companies within its jurisdiction, with the total revenue of AI-related enterprises skyrocketing to an impressive 40 billion yuan.

The ambitious project, which aims to elevate Mentougou as Beijing’s premier AI hub, is steadily moving forward. With a projected completion date around September 25th, 2023, the district is committed to making significant strides in AI development and attracting a thriving AI industry to its vibrant ecosystem.

Mentougou’s ascent as an AI hub

Mentougou district’s strategic partnership with Zhongguancun Group and Huawei has set the stage for a vibrant AI ecosystem. The collaboration not only delivers essential computing power services but also acts as a catalyst for innovative AI applications and the emergence of thriving AI enterprises.

Mentougou’s commitment to nurturing AI talent is palpable, with specialized measures aimed at providing working space and substantial financial support for computing power. A substantial fund of 1 billion yuan has been allocated to bolster the AI industry, fueling the transformation of promising programs into specialized enterprises.

With a focus on establishing AI safety standards and showcasing practical applications, Mentougou is poised for exponential growth. The district anticipates a future with over four listed AI companies and a total revenue of 40 billion yuan from AI-related enterprises by 2030, cementing its status as Beijing’s foremost AI hub.

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