Matrixport predicts SEC’s spot Bitcoin ETF rejection


  • Matrixport predicts the SEC will reject all Bitcoin spot ETF applications in January.
  • The firm forecasts Bitcoin’s price could fall to the $36,000 to $38,000 range due to this rejection.
  • Matrixport’s analysis suggests the SEC’s decision is influenced by a lack of regulatory compliance and a Democratic-leaning leadership.

In a bold and somewhat grim forecast, Matrixport, a leading digital finance firm, has projected that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will reject all spot Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) applications in January. This prediction, outlined in their latest report, is not just a routine market analysis. It’s a siren call that echoes through the halls of cryptocurrency trading floors and shakes the foundations of digital finance.

A Closer Look at Matrixport’s Forecast

Matrixport’s analysis paints a picture of a bumpy road for Bitcoin ETFs. Despite a bullish stance on Bitcoin, predicting a rise to $45,000 by Christmas 2023, the firm has tempered its optimism with a dose of hard reality when it comes to SEC’s approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs. Their report points to a critical shortcoming in the current applications, a deficiency they believe won’t be rectified until the second quarter of 2024. This delay, according to Matrixport, will lead to a rejection of all Bitcoin ETF proposals in January, diverging from the market’s hopeful sentiments.

The political landscape within the SEC’s leadership, predominantly Democratic, further complicates the path to approval. SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s cautious stance on cryptocurrencies is well known. His recent comments suggest he still views the industry as needing tighter regulatory compliance. For Matrixport, this political and regulatory backdrop significantly dims the prospects of a Bitcoin spot ETF approval in the near term, viewing it as a step too far for an agency still grappling with the digital currency’s regulatory framework.

Market Repercussions and Strategic Recommendations

Matrixport’s predictions extend beyond the realm of regulatory approvals to the very heart of Bitcoin’s market dynamics. The firm estimates that since September 2023, about $14 billion has flowed into the crypto market, partly fueled by dovish macroeconomic conditions and partly by the anticipation of a Bitcoin ETF approval. Should the SEC deny these applications, the report foresees a domino effect of liquidations, with Bitcoin prices potentially plunging to the $36,000 to $38,000 range – a stark -20% drop.

The report advises market players to brace for impact. If there’s no word on approvals by January 5, 2024, Matrixport suggests investors hedge their positions. Their strategy includes buying $40,000 strike puts for the end of January or even considering short positions in Bitcoin, a move that reflects the firm’s cautious stance amidst the looming uncertainty.

Despite the potential for near-term turbulence, Matrixport doesn’t see all doom and gloom for Bitcoin in 2024. Even in the event of an ETF rejection, the firm remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s performance by the end of the year. Drawing on historical trends, they anticipate a bullish scenario fueled by the U.S. election cycle and Bitcoin mining dynamics.

In essence, Matrixport’s report is a clarion call to investors in the Bitcoin ETF sphere. While the firm acknowledges the potential for short-term setbacks, their long-term view of the market remains positive. This balanced perspective reflects a deep understanding of the complex interplay between regulatory actions, market sentiment, and broader economic trends. As the crypto world waits with bated breath for the SEC’s decision, Matrixport’s analysis offers a roadmap for navigating the choppy waters of Bitcoin trading in 2024.

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