Experts warn of diminished odds for Bitcoin ETF approval


  • Experts predict a low probability of the SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs due to recent market indicators and expert analyses.
  • ATM option implied volatility for Bitcoin has significantly decreased, suggesting market skepticism about ETF approval.
  • Despite bullish Bitcoin price trends, experts believe ETF applicants have not met the SEC’s stringent requirements.

In a recent twist of financial forecasting, experts are turning the spotlight on the dwindling odds of a Bitcoin ETF approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This shift in sentiment, rippling through the halls of finance and cryptocurrency markets, is not just a minor blip but a significant recalibration of expectations. The once bright prospects for a Bitcoin ETF are now shrouded in skepticism, with market indicators and expert analyses converging on a less optimistic outlook.

Market Indicators Point to Pessimism for spot Bitcoin ETFs

The pulse of the market, often a reliable barometer of sentiment, is showing signs of unease. ATM option implied volatility (IV), a key indicator of market expectations, has plummeted to 52% for the week, sinking below the 65% mark set for the January 12 expiration. This decline reflects a retreat to levels seen at the end of last year, signaling a collective market apprehension. Accompanying this shift is a noticeable uptick in put buying in block trades, suggesting that institutional investors are hedging their bets against a favorable outcome for the Bitcoin ETF.

The market’s stalemate is further reinforced by the downturn in crypto mining stocks and a sell-off in several U.S.-based crypto-related stocks. This weakening in ancillary markets adds another layer of doubt to the already murky waters surrounding the Bitcoin ETF’s future.

Expert Analyses Echo Market Concerns

Amidst this backdrop of market skepticism, expert analyses are painting a similarly cautious picture. Markus Thielen of 10x Research, in a report dated January 3, outlined a contrarian view to the prevailing market consensus. Despite bullish trends in Bitcoin’s price, Thielen argues that ETF applicants have fallen short of meeting the SEC’s stringent approval requirements. This viewpoint is echoed in the broader sentiment that despite frequent meetings and refiled applications, the ETF proposals are yet to tick all the regulatory boxes.

Adding fuel to the fire of doubt is the looming deadline of January 10, by which the SEC must decide on the fate of multiple spot Bitcoin ETF applications. While some analysts remain hopeful, citing legal precedents and recent interactions between the SEC and exchange representatives, the overall tone is one of restraint and caution.

The case of Grayscale Investments’ spot Bitcoin ETF, which the SEC initially rejected, only to be forced to reconsider following a judicial ruling, is a case in point. Despite this legal hiccup, experts like James Murphy of Ludlow Street Advisors are skeptical of the SEC’s readiness to approve Bitcoin ETFs, hinting at potential legal challenges if the SEC continues its pattern of rejection.

The SEC’s track record adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. Having never approved a spot Bitcoin ETF for listing and trading on a U.S. exchange, despite numerous applications from asset managers in past years, the SEC’s stance remains a key point of contention. The application from BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, for a spot Bitcoin ETF in June 2023, rekindled interest in the investment vehicle. Still, it also raised the stakes for the SEC’s impending decision.

The Road Ahead: Uncertainty and Speculation

As the deadline looms, the crypto and financial communities are bracing for the SEC’s decision. Matrixport analyst Thielen’s report, which went viral on social media and news outlets, predicts a rejection of the spot Bitcoin ETF, aligning with the broader market sentiment. Wu Jihan, founder of Matrixport, clarified that the report was intended for clients, not the media, highlighting the sensitivity and impact of such forecasts.

In summary, the narrative surrounding the Bitcoin ETF is one of caution and recalibrated expectations. While hope remains a flicker in the hearts of some analysts and investors, the prevailing mood is one of sober realism. The upcoming decision by the SEC will not just be a verdict on a financial product but a defining moment in the evolving relationship between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency.

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