Mark Zuckerberg tried Apple’s Vision Pro, and he hated it

Mark Zuckerberg tried Apple's Vision Pro, and he hated it

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  • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has expressed skepticism over Apple’s new Vision Pro headset.
  • In an internal meeting, Zuckerberg highlighted Vision Pro’s design compromises and solitary use.
  • Apple’s device uses eye and hand movements for control, contrasting Meta’s social interaction focus.

Tensions simmered as Mark Zuckerberg, the spirited Chief Executive Officer of Meta, candidly shared his reflections on Apple’s latest venture into the mixed reality realm.

Apple’s recent unveiling of its Vision Pro headset, an augmented and virtual reality (VR) gadget, stirred both intrigue and skepticism in Zuckerberg, revealing diverging philosophies between the tech titans.

The Vision Pro through Zuckerberg’s eyes

Zuckerberg was far from reticent in expressing his thoughts during an all-company gathering, shedding light on his perspective of Apple’s mixed reality innovation.

While conceding that he hadn’t personally sampled the Vision Pro, he drew on the insights of Meta’s experienced teams to outline his viewpoint.

In Zuckerberg’s eyes, the Vision Pro offered little in terms of ground-breaking development. Meta’s extensive exploration of the VR and augmented reality (AR) technology landscape meant that Apple’s headset was entering an already well-contemplated field.

The Vision Pro’s price point, according to Zuckerberg, was a result of a calculated design compromise. He interpreted Apple’s decision to invest in a higher resolution display as a strategy to prioritize superior technology and heightened computational power.

However, this move escalated costs and energy consumption by a significant seven times, consequently requiring a wired setup and a separate battery pack.

Meta and Apple: Clash of philosophies

Beneath the technical discourse, Zuckerberg unveiled the philosophical disparities that underscore the contrast between Meta and Apple.

Meta’s primary focus, as reiterated by its leader, is the social potential of VR and AR technology, aiming to establish a fundamentally interactive metaverse.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, conspicuously devoid of any metaverse mention, underscored this philosophical divergence.

Zuckerberg pointed out that Meta Quest, Meta’s VR offering, was explicitly developed to stimulate virtual social interaction, thereby enhancing engagement. Apple’s Vision Pro, on the other hand, he perceived as fostering a culture of solitary usage.

Product disparities: Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro brings a novel approach to device control, employing eye movements and hand gestures as the primary interface, thus eliminating the necessity for controllers.

The headset’s design is both translucent and lightweight, appealing features for potential users. These cutting-edge specifications, however, contribute to a lofty starting price of $3,500.

By contrast, Meta’s flagship headset, the Meta Quest Pro, is available for a fraction of that cost, with a starting price tag of $1,000.

The device remains an attractive option for users seeking social interaction in virtual spaces, underscoring the divide between the two tech giant’s AR and VR approaches.

In sum, Zuckerberg’s criticism of Apple’s Vision Pro reflects the broader ideological divergence between the two tech juggernauts.

As they compete in the rapidly evolving AR and VR landscape, these contrasting philosophies will likely shape the future of how we engage with technology and each other in the virtual world.

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